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Aboard a cargo jet, Moon Knight sits amongst the Secret Avengers as he feels their judgement; they’re not sure of what version of Moon Knight will they get. Marc begins contemplates being a team player once again. During their mission briefing, the team learns that their target is a group called Black Mast who are pirates that have just robbed a crude oil tanker. Their leader, Barracuda, has possession of a high-tech Norman Osborn black market gauntlet and has killed the tanker’s crew every time a rescue vessel has gotten near the ship. Their mission: to strike silently at night to take out Barracuda. Moon Knight changes into a black-ops uniform and the team drops down.

On the ship, havoc erupts as Barracuda and his men use the gauntlet against the team. MK is ordered to find the hostages and free them. Once located, a pirate with a sword and two other men with guns stand in MK’s way. Marc takes out his compound bow and fires an arrow at the swordsmen weapon; this splits the arrow and harms the two gun wielders next to him. Surrounded and losing, Barracuda pulls his final trick by blowing into the Horn of Proteus to summon the dwelling sea creatures to fight. The creatures nearly sink the ship but the remaining survivors make their way to a floating raft. With Marc’s last minute wit, he uses a grappling hook to help lift everyone away from the creatures and Barracuda. The team returns to land with the remaining hostages and everyone respects Marc’s last minute call.

Solicit Synopsis

“TEAM PLAYER” Moon Knight embarks on his first adventure with Steve Rogers’ new Super-team: The Secret Avengers! Captain Barracuda and his crew of pirates that have hijacked a tanker transporting two million barrels of crude that’s worth north of two-hundred mil on the open market and executed 9 hostages just to show they’re not playing around. But neither are Steve Rogers, War Machine, Valkyrie, Ant-Man and their newest recruit, Moon Knight. They’re ready to rumble…and if that means taking on Barracuda’s reinforcements – a legion of creatures from the bowels of the deep blue sea – so be it.

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