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Quote1.png Don't you ever go to the movies? You're supposed to let me say the line first. See, I say, "Don't start a fight you can't finish"...and then you jump out and knock their heads together like the two stooges. Quote2.png
Marlene Alraune

Appearing in "Chapter 3: The Bushman Cometh"

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Synopsis for "Chapter 3: The Bushman Cometh"

Using the Hood’s demonic abilities, he resurrects Raul Bushman from the grave. With Bushman alive, they assemble him for their mission. Meanwhile, Marlene is across town working late at the museum when she hears three robbers. When they realize that she is alone, the three chase after her but Marlene then stumbles upon Moon Knight waiting in the shadows. He swiftly and harshly takes out the three; Khonshu is disappointed that no blood was spilled. Moon Knight hangs the three on a light pole outside of the museum and offers Marlene a ride.

That night, Marc has a fever dream of his past: childhood w/ Randall, the Marines, mercenary work, death, rebirth, and finally the day he skinned Bushman’s face. This jumps Marc as he wakes up to Marlene by his side. She remembers this part of their relationship but questions who he was paying attention to in the museum. He doesn’t respond...

Across town, Profile, Bushman, and the Hood await their new member; Scarecrow. With his help, Scarecrow manages to break them into Ravencroft asylum to form their lobotomized army. With their army assembled, Bushman steals an oil truck and lights it on fire in a busy intersection; they’re calling out Moon Knight.

Solicit Synopsis

Years ago, Moon Knight lost his mind and killed a man, cut off his face and brayed at the moon. That man was his nemesis: Raul Bushman. Now Bushman is back and looking for payback. He’s laid a trap for Moon Knight, emptying Ravenscar Asylum and the lunatics are running wild down Broadway. For Moon Knight to defeat them – and Bushman – he’ll need the full arsenal of his wits and weaponry. Because nothing can prepare him for the madness of Herman the German and the Great Wall.

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