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Moon Knight

Appearing in "Chapter 5: Past Is Prologue"

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Synopsis for "Chapter 5: Past Is Prologue"

Using the large flock of crows to his advantage, Marc waits to coordinate his attack with the crows when they begin to swoop down as a means to distract the goons. With the largest goon roped down, Frenchie quick drops a net to gather the flock, which in turn, exposes Scarecrow. Moon Knight quickly takes down Scarecrow but he teases Marc about Bushman’s return. Moon Knight is haunted by the news and finishes Scarecrow.

That night, lying in bed with Marlene, Khonshu returns to Marc still looking for blood – he grows more hungry for vengeance. Marc decides to visit his closet and look for a certain tape that could remind him of his new purpose as Khonshu becomes louder: the police interview from Carmilla Dominguez before the Trial of Marc Spector. Watching her testimonial reminds Marc of his new path. Meanwhile, Frenchie is at a gala function and still sees the former horrendous man he was behind the mirror.

Back on the streets, Moon Knight looks for Crawley to find more information on Bushman. Randomly, they are attacked as an inmate knocks Crawley down hard. Out from the shadows emerges Bushman; Marc’s fears are real. Moon Knight rushes to Bushman but he fires a rocket launcher at him, to which Marc dodges, but hits the siding of a building. Moon Knight quickly runs to the siding and uses his carbonadium suit to help level the building, however, this leaves Marc exposed to attacks. Bushman sets a heavy blow to Moon Knight’s stomach but Marc continues to hold the siding. With Bushman on top, he leaves his inmates to attack Marc in order to make the building collapse on him. Just as they make their move, Moon Knight quickly finds a way to support the building and attack the inmates. Just as a large goon arrives to stump Marc, he manages to trick him by allowing the siding to fall on him. With Bushman gone and the inmates defeated, Marc cuts a crescent moon on the large goons fabric shirt (not exposing blood) to leave his mark.

Moon Knight’s Angelwing (a MK version of the Hobglider) arrives just as Spider-Man witnesses the carving. Peter questions Marc’s new persona as he too doesn’t trust his new ethics. Yet, as Peter is talking to Marc about having a “code”, Marc replies: “how’s that working out for you?” as Norman Osborn billboard hangs above him.

Solicit Synopsis

There is one villain who can make Moon Knight look sane: The Scarecrow. This unhinged lunatic has taken to the streets. Now Moon Knight must face the Scarecrow and his minions of madness under a black sky filled with crows in this final obstacle keeping him from his true nemesis: Bushman.

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