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Quote1.png You still don't get it...The more you push me down, the bigger I grow. I gave you everything and now you think you can ignore me? Don't forget...I know who you really are. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Chapter 6: Knight Falls"

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  • Angelwing

Synopsis for "Chapter 6: Knight Falls"

Ray Landers, Frenchie, and Marc are in the kitchen of Frenchie’s restaurant laughing about their war stories but the conversation turns to the man who saved Frenchie and Marc from gunfire; Bushman. The mood turns somber and they close up for the night. As Marc leaves and turns the corner, he runs into a large-sized Khonshu: “You still don’t get it.. the more you push me down, the bigger I grow.”

Marc that evening searches for Crawley in hopes of intel. He tells him that Bushman has been seen with The Hood as Bushman is looking to get new gear at an Osborn warehouse. Moon Knight heads to the warehouse and breaks in. He releases a gauntlet drone to search the facility. When it returns with no spotted location of Busman, the drone makes its way to MK’s gauntlet but suddenly picks up a signature... from behind him. Marc is struck down by gunfire. A bullet ignites a flammable crate and Moon Knight is sent outside from the explosion.

Bushman heads to the water and examines it for Marc’s body, who jumps out and attacks. The two brutally battle not holding back on each other. Marc gets the upper hand by getting close to Bushman and impaling him on a sharp object. With a crescent dart in hand, Marc is ready to give the final death blow as Khonshu stands fifty feet above eager for blood. Marc however, once again, reframes himself from satisfying Khonshu and drops the dart to walk away. Spider-Man and the NYPD arrive but Moon Knight walks past them and glides away.

Marc returns home and dives straight into his file closet praying for redemption as his Khonshu statue once again glows. Later, Marc takes Marlene out for a dinner feeling that he is finally able to take a breath. Meanwhile, Bushman is in Ravencroft locked away as the Profile flies to Egypt to search for Khonshu.

Solicit Synopsis

Every man has a past. Every night has its day. It’s time for Moon Knight to face both. It all comes down to this. Moon Knight versus Bushman.

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