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Appearing in "Killed, Not Dead: Chapter 2"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Herman Goncharenko (Death)

Other Characters:

  • Clarissa Rose




Synopsis for "Killed, Not Dead: Chapter 2"

A battle erupts and Moon Knight takes out the henchmen. Just as the leader surrenders, Moon Knight is ready to brutally harm him but the child watches on. Marc instead renders the man unconscious and frees the child from the cage. Authorities arrive and take the child to the hospital and apprehend the henchmen. As Moon Knight looks upon from a distant roof, Deadpool kicks him off. They take their battle to a carnival in a local park as Deadpool is disappointed in Marc; Goncharenko and his men have been known to kill children but Moon Knight is still on his righteous path. Marc, learning of Wilson’s healing factor, decides to brutally chop him up in order to stop Deadpool.

That evening, Marc comes to a fever dream about Clarissa and quickly rushes to the hospital. Following a nurse in scrubs, she walks past security and guards to Goncharenko’s room... it is Clarissa since Deadpool never finished the job. Clarissa take out a syringe full of cyanide. Confessing to Herman the pain he has caused her, she releases the cyanide into his IV drip. Just outside Herman’s window, Moon Knight stands hovering as he has witnessed everything and reframed from acting.

Solicit Synopsis

“KILLED, NOT DEAD,” Part 2 It’s crazy versus crazier when Moon Knight squares off against Deadpool! Herman Goncharenko lies at death’s door, wasting away of cancer, but someone wants him killed, not dead. Someone desperate enough to hire the Merc with the Mouth to do the dirty deed. Gonchrenko’s only hope: the reformed Moon Knight. But is he in Deadpool’s weight class? Heck, is anyone?

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