Quote1 Hey. I Hear you might be looking for a mission, soldier... I've got just the thing. Quote2
-- Steve Rogers

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Synopsis for "Collision"

After intercepting a call, Moon Knight and Spider-Man cross paths as Sandman is attempting to the rob the Metro museum of a recent royal diamond exhibit. The two follow him inside and try to work in sync to stop Flint Marko from escaping with the diamond but he disappears in a nearby safari animal exhibit. As the two search the grounds, Flint uses the artificial sand to surprise attack the heroes, grow massive in size, and escape. Sandman with his large size knocks the Moonjet out of the sky which forces Marc to improvise with his new tech; crescent dart swinging rope (to move like Spider-Man). The two swing through the city in order to stop Flint. A battle erupts near the Hudson river, but with the skillset of Frenchie, he is able to pilot a sonic-military jet to disrupt his sand-form and carry Sandman into the river.

The next evening, Moon Knight stops a drug deal in the middle of an alley. When he handcuffs the perpetrator, Commander Steve Rogers appears behind him to offer Marc a new job.

Solicit Synopsis

“COLLISION” Special, double-sized issue! Moon Knight said he wanted to be a super hero – now he’s getting his chance. Step one of his education: a team-up. When a hopping mad, skyscraper-tall Sandman goes beserk in Times Square, Moon Knight is gonna need a bigger boat…and some help. Enter: Spider-Man. Plus, the shock ending that will have fans talking for months!

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