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Vindaloo was a later member of the Acolytes. He was first seen during Magneto's scheme to "flip" Earth's electromagnetic field, blackmail which led to the United Nations signing the island of Genosha over to him.[2]

After Genosha's devastation by Sentinels, Vindaloo's survival was in doubt for several years. He eventually resurfaced as one of the Acolytes stragglers being interrogated by the X-Men about Sinister and Exodus's whereabouts after Cooperstown.[3]



Napalm Generation: Produces a flammable gel from his pores that ignites upon contact with the atmosphere, which he can then direct as explosive releases of liquid napalm.


  • In reality, vindaloo is an Indian dish made with pork preserved in red wine, chili pepper, and stewed with garlic. It is known for its heat.

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