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Quote1 Somebody has to do it, Matt......somebody has to save Spider-Man! Quote2
-- Venom

Appearing in "Disorder in the Court!"

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Synopsis for "Disorder in the Court!"

Following the arrest of Eddie Brock, lawyer Matt Murdock has agreed to take the case on a pro-bono basis. Meeting with Brock in his cell, he goes over the list of charges against him and suggests that they go with an insanity defense suggesting that Brock was under the influence of the Venom symbiote while he committed his crimes. However, Brock refuses to take that sort of defense and equally turns down the suggestion of claiming reduced capacity, explaining that he and his symbiote are one. As Matt explains that the courts will not view him as such, he goes over the compelling case the prosecution has over him by going over the list of witnesses. Surprisingly, this also includes his rival, Carnage. He is surprised to learn that Spider-Man is not included on the list of witnesses, but Murdock explains that it is a moot point as he intends to subpoena the wall-crawler as their own witness. Matt then asks if there is anyone who they can call upon to be character witnesses. He mentions how he and Wolverine recently saved the life of a federal agent.[Continuity 1] However, when asked who this government agent was, Venom doesn't know the man's name saying that he claimed that his last name was Smith. This doesn't give Murdock a lot to work with, but he assures Eddie that he will do his best.

Their meeting is interrupted by the arrival of District Attorney Gracia Hidalgo, who has come to tell them that while other jurisdictions are trying to get ahold on Venom, New York City can finally hold him on a capital offense after some recently discovered evidence. She then shows Murdock the body of a murdered police officer whose body was buried under Our Lady of Saints Church. Examination of the body discovered evidence of symbiotic tissue stuck in his teeth.[Continuity 2] She tells Murdock that she will use this evidence to paint Brock as a cop-killer and win her case. However, Murdock isn't so sure, telling her that he has many resources at his disposal. Later that evening, Daredevil is out looking for Spider-Man. When he detects the wall-crawler, he quickly changes into Matt Murdock and walks into the path of an oncoming vehicle. When Spider-Man swings down and saves Matt from the speeding car it allows him the opportunity to hand his a subpoena compelling the web-slinger to appear in court.[Continuity 3]

A week later the trial is about to begin and the outside of the courthouse is a media frenzy. As Matt Murdock fields questions from Trish Tilby, D.A. Hidalgo arrives and tells the gathered reporters that the prosecution will be seeking the maximum penalties for Venom's crimes.[Continuity 4] When the trial begins, the prosecution's first witness is Detective Alton Clark, who has been trying to apprehend Venom for quite some time.[Continuity 5] As they listen to the testimony, Eddie Brock is certain that they will find no way to pin the murder of the police officer on him. When Murdock suggests that they once more suggest that Brock was under the influence of the alien symbiote, he once more rejects this defense. Once questioning of Detective Clark is over, Hidalgo calls for her next witness, Cletus Kasady -- aka Carnage. They are able to bring Kasady into the courtroom because his symbiote is being restrained with the same dopamine blocker that keeps Brock's symbiote under control as well. When Cletus tries to get a rise out of Eddie, he tries to attack his "son", but is held back by his lawyer.[Continuity 6]

Once on the stand, Cletus tells the court about his time on Riker's Island as Eddie Brock's cellmate. He claims that while he was Brock's cellmate, Eddie admitted to murdering the police officer, telling Kasady where he buried the body. Hearing this, Brock calls Cletus a liar, disrupting the proceedings. Murdock calms Eddie down and once the judge is satisfied that Matt's client is under control, she allows the lawyer to cross-examine Cletus. Given the opportunity, Matt Murdock manages to catch Cletus in a lie, having him confirm that Brock stated that he murdered the police officer without the aid of his alien symbiote. When Cletus confirms this, he brings up the medical examiners report that confirms symbiotic material that was caught in the officer's teeth. Meanwhile, outside, Spider-Man arrives outside the courthouse and sees that it is still a zoo outside. He arrives at the same time as Doctor Yao who has come to warn everyone of a problem with the dopamine blockers that he has been using to keep the symbiotes under control.[Continuity 7] He tells them that adrenaline counteracts the effects of the drug, allowing the host to regain control of their symbiotes if they become agitated enough. Determining that Yao is on the level, Spider-Man grabs the scientist and swings him past the security cordon to get into the courtroom.

Inside, things are getting out of control as Brock and Cletus continue to act out. The judge demands order in her court and has officers try to detain Kasady. Unfortunately, this works up Cletus enough to transform into Carnage once again. Spider-Man arrives in the courtroom just in time to see Eddie Brock getting worked up enough to become Venom as well. After Venom disarms the police officers he leaps at Carnage, with Spider-Man caught in the middle.

Solicit Synopsis

  • With Matt Murdock acting as his defense attorney you'd think Venom would get off scott free, right?
  • Wrong, because the prosecution brings in a surprise witness, none other than the ever amazing Spider-Man!
  • Looks like Venom will have to take matters into his own hands again!


Continuity Notes

  1. Wolverine and Venom recently worked together in Venom: Tooth and Claw #1-3.
  2. This is the police officer that Venom murdered when he first became Venom in Amazing Spider-Man #300.
  3. Matt Murdock refers to Spider-Man by his real name. This is because they both learned each other's secret identities over the course of Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #107-110.
  4. Gracia Hidalgo specifically states that she is looking to impose the death penalty on Eddie Brock. This should be considered a topical reference per the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616 as the death penalty was abolished in New York state in 2007.
  5. Detective Clark has been trying to arrest Venom since Venom Sinner Takes All #1.
  6. Cletus mentions that his symbiote was spawned by Eddie's during a jailbreak. That happened in Amazing Spider-Man #344.
  7. It's stated here that Yao developed his dopamine blocker by testing it on leftover symbiote material from their recent invasion of Earth. This happened during the Planet of the Symbiote's story arc.
    Planet of the Symbiotes
    Amazing Spider-Man Super Special #1 Spider-Man Super Special #1 Venom Super Special #1 Spectacular Spider-Man Super Special #1 Web of Spider-Man Super Special #1

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