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-- Venom Symbiote

Appearing in 1st story

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  • Gorfin-7 (First appearance)
  • Unnamed volcanic planet
    • The Great Eye
  • Xffgath (Mentioned)


  • Rumble Suit


  • Flash's ship
  • Tubin's ship

Synopsis for 1st story

On Gorfin-7, Flash and 803 have just finished helping construct a bridge, and Flash announces his intent to take a vacation on a planet Rocket Raccoon told him about. The cosmos informs Flash of trouble on a volcanic world, a war between a species of Amazonian Medeusa-like aliens and a species of igneous creatures. Flash detaches himself from the Venom symbiote due to its weakness to intense heat, and dons a suit of powered armor 803 calls a rumble suit. When Flash arms himself with a gun, 803 informs him that due to the planet's volatile atmosphere he won't be able to use it or the suit's armaments, instead presenting him with a sword.

As Flash lands on the planet, 803 informs him that he only has 30 minutes before the suit melts. Flash is attacked by one of the Medusa-like aliens and activates a translator. The alien introduces herself as Iqa, the queen of the Wugin, accusing him of being one of the Usurpers who have destroyed her planet. Flash explains that he came to help restore the planet, and Iqa warily calls off her attack, informing him that three cycles prior a comet crashed into the Great Eye, a volcano sacred to her people, causing it to erupt. Flash tells her that it was a piece of technology, impressing her with his intelligence due to the males of her species being slow and only useful for breeding. Flash asks about the igneous creatures her warriors are fighting, and she tells him they are the Underdwellers, who live inside the Great Eye and blame the Wugin for its eruption. Battling their way through a horde of Underdwellers, Flash and Iqa arrive at the top of the Great Eye. 803 warns Flash that the rumble suit might not be able to withstand being submerged in lava, but Flash says it'll melt anyways. 803 asks for permission to fly Flash's ship into the nearest star should he not survive, but Flash tells him to spend eternity writing songs in his honor instead. Diving into the volcano, Flash destroys the device destabilizing the volcano and is pulled out of the lava by Iqa, who tells him that her planet has been restored and she is indebted to him. Flash starts to tell her it was nothing, but she interrupts by kissing him and offering him a place in her husband stable. Flash politely refuses and returns to his ship.

Onboard his ship, Flash tells 803 he kissed an alien, and the robot wonders if he isn't technically kissing the Venom symbiote while wearing it, ruining the moment. Flash tells 803 he miscalculated the rumble suit's durability, only for it to promptly fall apart. As Flash leaves to take a nap, 803 tells him he has prepared something special in the med bay.

As Flash's ship departs, Tubin's ship arrives. Tubin reports to Mercurio that Flash destroyed their Seed and asks if they should replace it, but Mercurio tells him to pursue Venom instead. Tubin informs Mercurio that Flash is headed for Xffgath, and Mercurio orders him to unleash Pik Rollo. Tubin opens a cell door to reveal a massive, growling silhouette with glowing red eyes.

In the med bay, 803 presents Flash with a pair of prosthetic legs, overjoying him. Flash notes he'll need a cane while figuring out a physiotherapy routine, and 803 states he can make one from the remains of the rumble suit. Flash stops abruptly and asks who's flying the ship, and 803 informs him the Klyntar is at the helm. As Flash rushes into the cockpit, the Venom symbiote - in humanoid form despite not having a host - turns to face him and says they need to talk.

Solicit Synopsis


• Venom gets an emergency message from a planet made up of volcanoes. The symbiote does not react well to heat. There are problems.

• 803 has a plan! And it doesn’t involve self-destruction! Well, he also has a plan that DOES involve that, but that’s an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT PLAN!


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