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Quote1.png Mercurio is never going to let you out of this arrangement. Thugs never do. We survive this, though... we go take Mercurio out together. And save your kid. Deal? Quote2.png
-- Venom (Flash Thompson)

Appearing in 1st story

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Bhiv (First appearance)
    • Bhiv's master (Only appearance; dies)[1]
    • Unnamed members

Other Characters:


  • Earth (Mentioned)
  • Unnamed planet
  • Gramos (Mentioned)
  • Ruu'lto's homeworld (Mentioned)



  • Flash's ship

Synopsis for 1st story

A bewildered Flash addresses the Venom symbiote, asking why it's never assumed humanoid form without a host before. The symbiote says that it couldn't, but that since it was cleansed it's changed and been able to grow. Flash asks how long it can stay in humanoid form, and the symbiote says that with practice about half an earth day, but at present only half an hour. It admits preferring being bonded to him, since it can feel the Cosmos more clearly and considers him a wonderful host, before correcting itself and calling him its partner. Their conversation is interrupted by a beam of energy that strikes their ship and sends it crashing into a nearby planet.

The symbiote asks if Flash is alright, and he says he is thanks to it bonding to him. The symbiote says that it cannot speak while bonded to him and they'll have to continue their discussion later. Flash thanks the symbiote, asking that it tell him its real name the next time they talk. Searching the wreckage, Venom finds 803, who reports they are under attack from Pik Rollo, a vicious criminal. A snarling shadow looms over Venom, who turns to confront his attacker. He reacts in bewilderment and asks 803 if his scan was correct, and 803 replies that Pik Rollo is wanted in multiple systems for murder, treason, and arson. Venom is still incredulous, calling Pik Rollo - who vaguely resembles a massive panda - adorable. In response, she backhands him, saying his head belongs to Mercurio, and then rips a jubilant 803 in half while roaring. Venom goes on the offensive, saying that while he doesn't know who she or Mercurio are, she hurt his friend and that's made him angry. Feeding off Flash's rage, the symbiote takes over, sprouting a fanged maw and ripping Pik Rollo's suit away with its claws, but before the fight can escalate any further they are struck by a laser beam, knocking them out.

A saucer-shaped ship lands and a pair of robots disembark, saying their master needs warm bodies for combat. The ship arrives at a palace, where Venom and Pik Rollo regain consciousness. When Venom calls her "Sad Panda", blaming her for their situation, Pik Rollo retorts that she is a Ruu'lto and only feels rage. They and several other aliens are brought before a robot wearing a crown and an ornate robe, who announces they will fight in his gladiatorial arena. Venom threatens to kill Pik if they live through the arena, and Pik reveals that she only works for Mercurio because he has her child hostage. The robot king proclaims that observing the gladiators' combat skills will enable him to conquer the universe with an army of war-machines called Bhiv. As the arena erupts into a free-for-all, Venom asks Pik for more details, and she explains that Mercurio is a Gramosian, a member of a peaceful species whose planet requires vast energy resources to survive. Mercurio went rogue to harvest the required energy from other planets, among them the homeworld of the Ruu'lto. Pik states that Mercurio enslaved the Ruu'lto, and that she and her daughter are the only ones left alive. Venom proposes a deal, that they work together to take down Mercurio and save her child. Venom and Pik make short work of the other gladiators, biding their time until the robot king makes a mistake. As Venom stands victorious over the corpses of the other gladiators, Pik Rollo among them, the robot king approaches and commends him for his combat prowess. When the robot king expresses irritation at his flippant answer to its inquiries, Venom laughs as Pik Rollo stands up behind it and rips its head off. The Bhiv pledge allegiance to them, but Venom and Pik leave.

When she asks why they are returning to his ship, Venom responds he wants to reclaim what's left of 803, only to be astonished to see his ship and 803 fully repaired. 803 states that he rebuilt himself and Flash's ship, and Pik apologizes for tearing him in half. She is confused when 803 laments she hadn't finished the job, and Venom tells her 803 has a death wish and to just ignore him. As they board Flash's ship, Pik threatens to kill both him and 803 if he does not honor his deal with her, but Flash says no-one's going to kill anyone and that they're going to rescue her kid.

Solicit Synopsis


• Venom finally meets some aliens who don't need his help!

• They just want him to FIGHT 'til he BLEEDS in their COMBAT ARENA!!!

• And in a turn of similar luck, the notorious, vicious PIK ROLLO finally catches up to Venom and 803.


  • The Venom symbiote says it is incapable of speaking when bonded to its host, despite having been shown doing so numerous times in the past.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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