Quote1.png I wasn't always a good guy. But people can change. I changed. And you know what? It was fun while it lasted. Quote2.png
-- Venom Symbiote

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  • Flash's ship

Synopsis for 1st story

Performing a physical therapy routine, Flash narrates to 803 how he wasn't always a good guy, that he had once been a bully picking on others weaker than himself, until he found a positive role model in Spider-Man. 803 questions Flash's willingness to put his trust in Pik Rollo, expressing concern that there are too many variables to Flash's plan and that if any one goes poorly then all of them could die. When Flash asks if that's not what 803 wanted, the robot responds that he only wants his own destruction, not that of anyone else. Flash takes note of 803's concern but assures him that his role in the plan is one of the most difficult, and that he most likely won't live to see Flash's betrayal and death. 803 asks if this is meant to reassure him, and Flash says no but that if 803 can't trust Pik Rollo than he should trust him. Entering a room, Flash sits across from the Venom symbiote and asks if it is ready. The klyntar replies that it is ready for any outcome and asks the same of Flash, who responds that they'll have to find out.

Later, Flash, the Venom symbiote, and Pik Rollo enter a missile launch tube. As the symbiote envelopes them and takes on the shape of a missile, Pik asks if Flash is sure the plan will work. Flash assures her that they'll get her kid back as long as they survive the next stage of the plan. The symbiote-missile launches from Flash's ship towards one of Mercurio's bases on a moon. The landing is successful, and Venom and Pik make their way towards Mercurio's base, with Venom telling her that the plan worked. She prays that she never has to endure something like that again, and when Venom teases her she tells him to be quiet.

In the base, two Gramosian soldiers patrol the base, one voicing complaints to the other. Venom and Pik Rollo approach, and Venom notes that they're not running and asks if he's lost touch with his intimidating side. Pik responds that he's less than intimidating, but Venom realizes that the guards aren't running or sounding the alarm. Realizing Pik betrayed him, Venom confronts her as they are surrounded by Gramosian soldiers. Pik apologizes, but Venom attacks in a rage as the guards try to restrain him. Pik retorts that she had no choice and had to protect her child no matter the cost. Venom is beaten down and the Gramosians use a sonic weapon to separate Flash from the symbiote. Mercurio himself approaches and Flash tries to attack him, but is easily knocked aside. Drawing a sword, Mercurio cuts the feet off Flash's prosthetics and prepares to finish him off, but Pik tells him to wait: he needs Flash alive in case his plan doesn't work and someone has to tell him how to fix the symbiote. Realizing Mercurio intends to take the Venom symbiote for himself, Flash threatens him but is knocked out. Mercurio tells his soldiers to take Flash to the Pit and kneels to examine the symbiote, saying he is in Pik Rollo's debt and that she played her part well... too well. As Pik lunges at him from behind, Mercurio sends an electrical current through the ground, stunning her. Pik gets up to continue fighting for her daughter's sake, but Mercurio shouts that her child belongs to him, enraging her. Mercurio easily defeats her and knocks her out with an electrical shock, telling his guards to take her to the pit as well. He turns to to address the symbiote, telling it that it is time for it to be what it once was.

In the Pit, Pik Rollo is tossed next to Flash, who tells her the plan worked. Pik retorts that if she wasn't in so much pain she'd break him. Bonded to a maniacally-laughing Mercurio, the Venom symbiote echoes Flash's narration to 803, stating that it wasn't always a good guy and that it changed, but that being good was fun while it lasted.

Solicit Synopsis


• And she is tough as %&#$, while still being adorable.

• But she needs some help from VENOM to rescue her child (also ADORABLE) from our big cosmic bad guy, who wants Venom dead. Venom, and pretty much anyone else getting in his way.

• Panda. Bear. Mercenaries. From. Space.

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