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Quote1.png Thank you all. For saving me. And for not killing Venom. Quote2.png
-- Flash Thompson

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  • U.S.S. Enter Prize

Synopsis for 1st story

Enveloped by darkness, Flash asks the Venom symbiote where it's taking him, and it responds it's taking him home. Flash finds himself as a child eating breakfast while his father arrives from home and injures himself on one of Flash's toys. As Harrison Thompson yells at him for playing with dolls, Flash turns to see his father with Venom's eyes and monstrously-wide grin. Transforming into Venom, Harrison snarls that he's going to knock some sense into his son. The scene jumps to Flash bullying Peter Parker in their high-school years. Peter calls Flash a coward for picking on those weaker than himself, and Flash stuffs Peter's face into a toilet containing the symbiote. Flash mentally protests that he's changed, but the symbiote rebukes him as he backs away from Peter's drowned body. Flash tells the symbiote to stop, and it replies that he can stop whenever he wants as Flash pulls his head out of a toilet. The symbiote sneers that he's still thirsty as Flash picks up a bottle of alcohol containing it and drinks. Flash retorts that he's done listening to it and finds himself enveloped by darkness again. Seeing a light in the distance, Flash tries to make his way towards it.

Outside, Venom battles Iqa, Tarna, and Pik Rollo. As Tarna frees Iqa from Venom's tentacles, Pik asks if Flash is even inside it. Tarna responds that he is, calling up a display of Flash's body, and says that his vitals show he's under attack. Iqa and Pik ask what they can do, and Tarna tells them to stick to the plan and hope they survive.

Flash finds himself standing on a rooftop in his Agent Venom form, confronted by Spider-Man. Spider-Man sneers at Flash's attempt to emulate him and attacks, mocking Agent Venom's protests. Flash fights back, mirroring his actions in the battle against his team. Agent Venom grabs Spider-Man and starts to crush him, then lets go and staggers away, tearing at the symbiote. Flash abruptly finds himself in his mother's hospital room, and Rosie Thompson berates him for telling her that monsters couldn't hurt her when he's been a monster all along, as Flash transforms into Venom. As Venom staggers and talks to himself, Tarna calls 803 and tells him to bring the ship in. Venom shouts to leave his mother alone, and Tarna explains to Iqa that he's locked in a battle with himself. In the mental world, Venom apologizes to Rosie for being unable to protect her, even from himself, reverting back to human form. As the ship enters position and opens fire at Venom with a sonic weapon, Rosie tells Flash she forgives him and that she loves him.

Later, Flash apologizes to the Venom symbiote, contained in a tube and roaring angrily. He thanks the others for saving him and for not killing Venom. Tarna tells him their next move is up to him. Flash says they need to take Venom back to the Planet of the Symbiotes, as the Kyntar might be the only ones capable of helping it. Pik asks what he saw inside it, and Flash replies that there was darkness, but amidst the darkness was a faint glimmer of light he could never reach, feeling like something was missing.

On Earth in Philadelphia, Mania fights a group of masked and suited thugs in a sewer.

Solicit Synopsis


• The time has come--Flash is face to face with the Klyntar.

• Perhaps things will end amicably?

• …Perhaps not.

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