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-- Venom (Eddie Brock)

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Synopsis for "Paranoia"

After suffering a severe beating from the Juggernaut, Venom sinks to the bottom of water contaminated with mercury infused with a virus. The virus - rendered sentient by the experiment that created it - senses a kindred existence in the Venom symbiote and offers to save Venom if he allows it to bond with him. Brock doesn't see an issue of one more voice in his head and welcomes the new lifeform into his body. This second symbiosis causes Brock's symbiote to grow extra heads and appendages. What Venom is unaware of is the fact that he is being manipulated by Paranoia, Dusk, and Necromancer, demonic creatures that exist in the Dimension of Insanity and plan to pull Eddie Brock into their dimension. Dusk orders Necromancer and Paranoia to be ready for when Venom arrives. While in the underground city beneath San Francisco, Beck Underwood and Abby Rubin go over the case against Scaremore Industries. Abby is one of her star witnesses after he was made sick by Scaremore's viral mercury. However, Beck is concerned about Eddie after he saved her from an attack by the Juggernaut. Abby tries to reassure her that Venom knows how to take care of himself and suggests that they get Venom to help them take down evil corporations like Scaremore in the future. Beck isn't entirely sure that's a good idea, pointing out that sometimes Brock's passion for a cause can get the better of him.

While at the Scaremore Industries head office, Charles Evans reminds his assistant, Darby, that they need to cover up the viral mercury project. Darby is forced to comply, even though he doesn't like it. Meanwhile, Eddie Brock has yet another nightmare as he sleeps. In it, he is beckoned by Dusk, who discovers that Eddie has a lot of room in his mind and asks him to let more entities into him. Eddie is confused and isn't sure if he wants to let another creature into his mind. When he wakes, Eddie meets with Abby Rubin to make sure Beck is okay. Abby begins to rant about how Scaremore is an evil company that needs to be taken down and their owner punished. Hearing this, Eddie is convinced that the only way to solve this situation is to kill Charles Evans. That night, Venom goes to the head office of Scaremore Industries. At that moment, the night janitor sits in Evans' chair to see what it is like sitting in the bosses chair. Unfortunately for her, Venom mistakes her for Charles Evans and kills her. Due to the viral mercury sifting through his system, Venom doesn't realise his grave error. Returning home, Eddie Brock has another nightmare filled night. He is haunted by the memory of Spider-Man and how Brock believes the wall-crawler ruined his life.[Continuity 1] As he is haunted by these visions, he is about to be run down by Necromancer - who emulates the form of the Ghost Rider by appearing as a skeletal demon on a flaming motorcycle. When Eddie Brock wakes up, he is horrified to discover that there are now four voices in his head.

The next morning, Black Tom Cassidy gets another phone call from Darby to send the Juggernaut after Beck Underwood. While back at Scaremore, Charles Evans comes upon the dead cleaning lady in his office and tells Darby to clean it up, but doesn't want to know any details. Meanwhile, Eddie meets with Beck Underwood, who is worried she might be blamed for the murder. Thanks to the infection coursing through his body, Brock cannot control his passions and tries to get romantic with Beck. However, she is not interested and is horrified when Eddie can't control his symbiote. Suddenly, the voices in his head demand that he merge with Beck as well. As Eddie - in the grip of madness - tries to force himself on her, Beck begs him to stop. Not far away, the Juggernaut makes his way to Underwood's home and comes crashing in as Venom tries to merge with Beck. Eddie stops trying to merge with Beck in order to fight the Juggernaut. Seeing new limbs and heads growing out of Venom's symbiote horrifies Underwood, who doesn't know what's going on.

As the two combatants battle, Venom rants and raves over the different voices in his head. Suddenly, a portal opens up behind Venom and the Juggernaut knocks him through it, telling Venom to stay dead this time.


Continuity Notes

  1. Eddie Brock lost his job as a reporter after a series of interview with the alleged Sin-Eater. When Spider-Man caught the real Sin-Eater, Eddie was fired from the Daily Globe. He blamed Spider-Man ever since, as seen in Amazing Spider-Man #300.

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