This Venom presumable shares the history of his Earth-2301 counterpart.[1]

Venom later returned with a more monstrous appearance and control over the Shadow Clan amulet's powers. He assumed control of the Spider Clan and became Peter Parker's mentor. After Peter and Mary Jane left the clan, Venom remained at the temple. A year later, having learned of the multidimensional conflict between the Spider-Totems and Inheritors, Venom sent Peter a warning to stay away. Peter misinterpreted Venom's warning, having received a vision of Aunt May telling him to join the conflict, and insisted on entering the temple. Drawing on the Shadow Clan amulet's power, Venom declared that, for the sake of everyone, Peter could not enter the temple even if it meant having to kill him. Before Venom could impale Peter on a blade, he was webbed up by multiple Spider-Totems who exited the temple.[2]


Shadow Clan Amulet: Using the power of the Shadow Clan's amulet, Venom can transform into a more monstrous appearance with fangs, and can encase himself in samurai-like armour, project tentacles, and transform his arms into blades.[2]


Polearm: When faced by Peter at the Spider Clan's temple, Venom wields a polearm with a mace-like head.[2]

This Venom was stated to be the one from Earth-2301 in Spider-Verse #1 before being retconned to be from Earth-7122 in Secret Wars: Official Guide to the Marvel Multiverse #1.

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