Like his Earth-616 counterpart, this incarnation of the Venom Symbiote managed to bond with the hero Spider-Man during the Secret Wars. However, in this reality, Spider-Man realized too late what his new black suit truly was and was unable to seperate from it again. Mr. Fantastic and Dr. Strange both try to help, but are unable to do anything.

The symbiote claims that he and Spider-Man are now one, and no power in the Universe can split them apart, and takes the opportunity to escape, as his captors are concerned with what to do next. Due to his Spider-Sense and the symbiote's camouflage powers, the Symbiotic Spider-Man was able to remain undetected by Richards for days. Meanwhile, Peter tried to call Felicia Hardy, but the symbiote's control kicked in while he was talking, informing her that Spider-Man was no more.

Days later, while Thor and Strange were battling an enraged Hulk, Symbiotic Spidey shows up, KO's Strange and the symbiote leaves Spidey for the Hulk, having no more use for Spider-Man. Spider-Man, who has aged to an 80 year old man due to the symbiote, dies shortly afterwards. After the funeral, the Avengers hunt down the Symbiote. It's Thor that finds him, and after they fight, the symbiote leaves Banner's body, and overtakes Thor, claiming to have all the powers of his hosts. Thor's attempts to resist only weaken him, and the heroes watch symbiotic Thor enter a cave, to complete the binding, promising that he'll exit it to kill them soon. Richards has one last plan before using the weapon. He summons Black Bolt, who enters the cave, and while a desperate symbiotic entity attacks in fear, he screams. When the dust settles, there is no more Mount Rushmore, and Thor rises battered, with the symbiote lying on the floor. It was still vulnerable to sound. The symbiote was still alive, though, and while Strange was trying to send him to the same dimension he tried to send the Hulk, Black Cat shows up, with a gun identical to Reed's, and she kills the creature. [1]


Seemingly those of the Venom (Klyntar) of Earth-616.



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