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Possessing Peter Parker

Peter Parker mentioned the symbiote when he realized one of his fellow Spider-Army members used the Black Cloth version of the suit.[1] The symbiote later bonded to Eddie Brock and came to dominate him. Some time later, the symbiote tried to kill Peter and his family in revenge for him abandoning it, which led to its apparent death along with its host.[2] Peter's infant daughter, Annie, was traumatized by the experience and continued to have recurring nightmares of the symbiote into her childhood, such that she was frightened of Peter's synthetic black suit.[3]

Years later, Liz Allan somehow came into possession of the symbiote, which she presented to Spinneret as a biotechnological suit that granted its wearer powers.[4] The symbiote quickly dominated its new host, trying to use Mary Jane to exact vengeance for Spider-Man's murder of Eddie Brock, berating him for killing its family. However, with Peter's help MJ managed to overcome the symbiote's control over her in a mental struggle, suppressing its conscience like it had tried to do to her and gaining total control over it. Despite Peter's wariness, she remained bonded to it so as to not be dependant on his powers.[5]

The symbiote, along with its host, was summoned to fight the Poisons and was one of the few to survive the conflict.[6] However, it was stripped from its host by the Goblin mech and seemingly killed.[7]

The Venom symbiote is vicious and extremely vengeful towards Spider-Man, seizing control of Eddie Brock and targeting Spider-Man's family to get back at him for abandoning it.[2] After Eddie Brock's death, the symbiote's hatred towards Peter intensified with the loss of the one it considered its other half. After Mary Jane defeats it in a mental struggle, the symbiote's conscience is suppressed, leaving it fully under her control.[5]


Seemingly those of the Venom Symbiote of Earth-616.

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