The Venom symbiote's history is presumably similar to its Earth-616 counterpart.

It took possession of Spider-Man during his time on Battleworld. Peter figured out the symbiote was alive early on. Mister Fantastic warned Peter that the symbiote was trying to bond with him, but Peter refused to get rid of it, insisting he needed the extra power it provided to make up for his waning powers due to age, but making sure he wasn't using it all the time, letting it rest inside a glass chamber when he wasn't out being Spider-Man. When Kraven the Hunter buried Peter in a grave in a deranged attempt to take his place, Peter broke free thanks to the symbiote, which had escaped from Peter's home when it sensed Peter was in mortal danger. Overwhelmed by the symbiote, Spider-Man hunted down Kraven and would have killed him if his wife Mary Jane hadn't intervened. Using a sonic pistol, Mary Jane separated the symbiote from Peter. The symbiote later approached Kraven who was about to kill himself and bonded with him.[1]

After 30 years, Kraven had died, leaving the symbiote to use his remains to form a humanoid body. "Kraven" then followed an old man Peter and a young Miles Morales, to a satellite in space and attacked them, but Peter shot a sonic beam, which incapacitated the symbiote, but when Peter was attempting to hold the space station together long enough to allow the station to perform its intended purpose of firing its doomsday pulse, the symbiote reformed itself and helped seal a giant hole using itself to hold the station together long enough for the pulse to fire before it exploded, killing both the symbiote and Peter.[2]


Seemingly those of the Venom of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Venom of Earth-616.

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