Quote1 Why blame yourself? We didn't hurt Uncle Ben, the world took him from us. The world takes everything we love. There's no one you can trust, Peter Parker. No one... except us. Quote2
-- The Symbiote, in Peter Parker's mind src

The Symbiote latched onto a space shuttle at some point before its landing[1], and was quickly put into a containment cell in Dr. Connors's lab. When the Black Cat attempted to steal it, Spider-Man arrived to fend her off. The Symbiote latched itself onto Spider-Man during the battle, and covered him very shortly after, creating the black suit. Spider-Man used the symbiote to stop Chameleon, who had attempted to steal his identity.[2] Soon after, however, the suit began controlling Peter's body at night, and used it to take down the Sinister Six while Peter was asleep, nearly murdering Doc Ock in the process.[3]Peter began to notice that the suit was changing his personality, making him much more aggressive, cynical, and arrogant, and soon realized the symbiote's true intention: to completely take him over, mind, body, and soul.

Edward Brock (Earth-26496) and Venom (Klyntar) (Earth-26496) from The Spectacular Spider-Man (Animated Series) Season 1 12 001

Bonded to Eddie Brock as Venom.

Peter removed the symbiote with the use of a church bell at the bell tower, and returned it to the lab, where he attempted to destroy it. Eddie Brock arrived and, noticing what Spidey was doing, became enraged that he would destroy a scientific discovery. After Spidey left, Eddie expressed a hatred for Spider-Man and Peter Parker, not knowing the two were the same person. The symbiote, revealing itself to still be alive, sensed this hatred, and merged with Eddie Brock to create a new creature: Venom. [4]

Eddie, as Venom, used the symbiote to attack Peter's personal life, thanks to the symbiote granting him his secrets. Venom was able to best Parker in nearly every way, forcing Peter to trick the symbiote into leaving Brock and re-bond with him. Upon re-bonding with Peter, the symbiote very quickly sensed the deception and attempted to leave and bond with Eddie Brock again, only for it to be captured and buried under cement.[5]

Edward Brock (Earth-26496) and Venom (Klyntar) (Earth-26496) from The Spectacular Spider-Man (Animated Series) Season 2 7 001

Much later, Eddie Brock was able to trick Peter into unwillingly showing him where the suit was, and Eddie broke through the cement ground to get it.[6] The suit bonded with him once more, again creating Venom. Venom now attempted to reveal Peter's identity to the world[7], but failed when this was dubbed as a hoax. Venom attempted to use a "gene cleanser" to wipe Peter of his powers, but the plan backfired when Peter used the gene cleanser on Venom, forcing the symbiote to leave him. The symbiote, now weakened, crawled into the sewers, where it seemingly remained for the rest of its life.[8]


Seemingly those of the Venom Symbiote of Earth-616.


Able to shield itself from Spider-Man's Spider-Sense.

Strength level



Highly vulnerable to sound and heat.

  • Instead of having its own voice, the symbiote spoke to its hosts through their own voices.

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