Venom was bonded to MacDonald Gargan when the explosion of Prison 42 destroyed St. Louis Gargan was killed but the symbiote somehow survived. He was later bonded to Clint Barton for unknown reasons.[1]

He was recruited by Peter Parker to secretly infiltrate the Iron to steal a bunch of items for Beast in order for him to finish his weapon for Project Bellcurve. He joined the mission as revenge for what happened to him. Upon landing, the group were attacked by Stark Sentinels and Elektra was killed and before entering the compound, Venom took Daredevil's Billy Club from her body.[2] Entering the compound the group found there way to the thing creating all of Stark's tech, King Ock. A brief struggle occurred where King Ock captured both Peter and Azuri who were rescued when Venom fired Daredevil's Billy Club through Kin Ock's head, killing it.[3]

He was later present at the Battle of the Divide fighting several of the heroes of the Iron. He along with everyone else on both sides was telepathically informed of the Skrulls deception and went down to the Divide when both Stark and Rogers activated the bomb developed by the Bellcurve Project which stripped all of the people of their powers. [4] His fate afterwards is unknown.


See Venom (Klyntar) (Earth-616)#Powers.


See Venom (Klyntar) (Earth-616)#Abilities.

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