The history of this incarnation of the Venom Symbiote largely mirrors that of his Earth-616 incarnation. After first bonding with Spider-Man, it eventually bonded to Eddie Brock, turning him into the super villain Venom.

The first time the symbiote is seen in this reality, it is still bonded to Eddie. This happens in a flashback in Spider-Man and Power Pack Vol 2 3. In yet another battle with his nemesis Spider-Man, Edward was defeated when the Human Torch brought Spider-Man a sonic blaster with which Spider-Man was able to separate Eddie and the symbiote. Eddie was arrested afterwards.

The symbiote however ended up being found by a fashion designer named Rudolpho, who proceeded to use the shapeshifting material to create a new brand of clothes that could change form and appearance at will. 6 months after the battle, these clothes were demonstrated at a fashion show in which Mary Jane Watson participated. Upon seeing Peter Parker, the symbiote's original personality took over however and turned all the fashion models into copies of Venom. Through teamwork, Spider-Man and Power Pack were able to defeat and contain all the symbiotes, saving the models.

In the battle however, the Venom symbiote had infected the alien suit of Katie Power/Energizer, turning her into a young Venom. As Venom, she teamed up with the Sinister Six and captured Spider-Man. Again, Power Pack came to Spider-Man's aid. The Sinister Six were defeated, and Katie's costume was disinfected, freeing her of Venom.


Seemingly those of Venom of Earth-616.



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