The Venom symbiote's history presumably mirrors that of its Prime Universe counterpart at least up until it was brought to Earth by Spider-Man.

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Venom Symbiote bonded to a member of the Madrox Gang.

Left without a host, the symbiote disguised itself as a pool of water and bonded with a surviving member of the Madrox Gang,[1] using his powers to create an army of replicants and hunt down Hawkeye.[2] When the army was defeated, Venom pursued Hawkeye to the Savage Land, where he was eaten by a Tyrannosaurus rex.[3]

The symbiote bonded to the T-Rex and later followed Logan and Hawkeye through the Black Hills of South Dakota. It attacked them, only to be seemingly killed by one word from Black Bolt, "Stop."[4] However, it survived and was at some point captured by Taskmaster, who used it and a mind-controlled Fin Fang Foom as a means of executing his enemies. Spider-Woman deposed Taskmaster with the help of the Guardians of the Galaxy, and fed him to the Venomized Tyrannosaurus rex as punishment for trying to kill her.[5]

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Seemingly those of the Venom Symbiote of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Venom Symbiote of Earth-616.

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