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Unlike the symbiotes of Earth-616 and its derived universes, the symbiotes of Earth-9997 were - like all sentient life - created by the Celestials as "antibodies" to guard the embryos they implanted into planets, and - like the Asgardians and Mephisto - eventually reached the third stage of metamorphosis and apotheosized into metaphysical entities given physical form by what others believed them to be and required of them.[1][2] In the case of the Venom symbiote, Peter Parker and its subsequent hosts believed it to be an amorphous alien costume. Aside from its origins, the Earth-X Venom symbiote shares much of its history with its Earth-616 counterpart;[3] however, at some point the symbiote left Eddie Brock and bonded to Peter's daughter, May. May was able to rehabilitate the malevolent alien, though Peter believed that it had seized control of her, forming a rift in their relationship.[4][3][5]


Seemingly those of Peter Parker of Earth-616 when bonded to alien symbiote.

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