Venom ambushed Spider-Man during Spider-Man's scouting of the city. The two fought after trading put-downs, with Spider-Man emerging as the victor. However, as Spider-Man approached the defeated Venom, Venom exploded, scattering himself across New York, and also giving Spider-Man a black costume.

Fury told Spider-Man that the symbiote had turned the citizens into mindless, strong zombies, and that only his previous exposure to the symbiote had spared him this fate. Fury commissioned Spider-Man to build a sonic device that would destroy the Symbiote invasion.

Venom's consciousness appeared to have remained at least partially intact, as a symbiote being tested on by the Tinkerer recognized Spider-Man, repeating his name frequently. The Tinkerer had planned to make a 'symbiote bomb' which he wanted to launch to spread the symbiote beyond New York, but Spider-Man stopped this from happening.

The symbiote continued to spread, infecting civilians, buildings, and animals alike. It even infecting the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. When Spider-Man boarded the carrier, the symbiote had already infected the majority of the crew.

Venom's accelerated reproduction was revealed to have been down to the Jackal, who had been hired by SHIELD to study the symbiote as a weapon. Jackal escaped but later returned to steal the sonic device to control the symbiotes.

Spider-Man finally came face-to-face with Venom in Central Park. Venom had by this time mutated into a different form - a large mass with many serpentine heads protruding from it. Venom revealed that he had been the mastermind all along, fooling everybody to spread himself so that he could finally destroy Spider-Man. Spider-Man distracted Venom while the sonic device calibrated, and eventually, Venom was destroyed.[1]


Seemingly those of Venom (Klyntar) of Earth-616.

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