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Quote1.png It wasn't his fault. We loved him. He loved us. It started to fall apart here, see? With the smart man. The smart man knows how to do a lot of things besides interfere. He can help us all, see? Peter showed us... with power... we can save everyone. Quote2.png
Black Suit[src]


The history of the Earth-TRN848 Black Suit presumably mirrors that of its counterpart from Earth-616 up until it bonded to Spider-Man. Brought to Earth, it attempted to forge a stronger bond with him; and this, coupled with the stress Peter Parker was being subjected to, led to him becoming increasingly short-tempered. Tormenting Spider-Man with chronic nightmares, the symbiote attempted to wear down his resolve to not use lethal force when fighting crime, making him more brutal in combat. When Spider-Man attempted to bring it to the Fantastic Four for analysis, the symbiote refused to comply - afraid it would be separated from him. In a battle with the Hobgoblin, the symbiote unsuccessfully attempted to pressure Spider-Man into killing the supervillain; and after Peter unmasked the Hobgoblin the symbiote influenced him into terrorizing him.

Upon taking it to the Fantastic Four, the symbiote communicated with Spider-Man via his nightmares and urged him to accept he couldn't protect his loved ones without hurting those who got in his way. Upon learning the symbiote was alive and trying to bond to him, Spider-Man accepted it and rebuked Mister Fantastic for wanting to imprison and experiment on it.

Bonded to Peter Parker in a monstrous form.

After the Hobgoblin discovered Spider-Man's civilian identity and set fire to his Aunt May's house, the symbiote prevented its host from running into the inferno to rescue her. Apologizing for his aunt's death, the symbiote directed Peter's grief and rage towards the Hobgoblin, assuming a more monstrous form as they vengefully crushed the supervillain's skull.[1]

The symbiote continued to influence Peter's actions while slowly increasing its hold over him in an attempt to make their bond permanent to him, reassuring him that it was now their responsibility to keep the innocent safe. After Peter witnessed a newspaper by Jameson on his killing of the Hobgoblin, he gave in to the symbiote's suggestion that they instill fear into the people. This culminated in an angry Spider-Man storming the Daily Bugle and threatening Jonah, breaking his hand and threatening to break the other one if he stepped out of line again.

Mary Jane confronted Peter over killing Hobgoblin, but by then it was too late. The symbiote had successfully influenced Peter to use lethal force and Peter had already referred to himself in the plural sense. Still, Peter was troubled that she found out, but the symbiote argued that other humans wouldn't understand. Peter responded that he is still human, but the symbiote countered that they were so much more than that now.

They were both interrupted by Shocker and the Scorpion, who attacked Spider-Man not believing he had started killing. Scorpion caught him, but the symbiote effortlessly killed Gargan by suffocated him to death with its biomass. The Symbiote Spider-Man killed the Shocker before confronting the Kingpin, bringing their severed limbs. As Fisk revealed he had figured out Spider-Man's civilian identity and mocked him for having lost everyone who cared about him, Spider-Man furiously kill the Kingpin.[2]

Under the symbiote's influence, Peter continued killing various supervillains and criminals - eventually learning of an ambush being planned by the Sinister Six. The symbiote making him immune to Mysterio's illusions, Spider-Man attacked and killed all of them except Kraven the Hunter and Eddie Brock - who had murdered Doctor Octopus and stolen his arms. Using a Spider-Slayer, Jameson - who had allied with the Sinister Six to put an end to Spider-Man's reign of terror - shoved Spider-Man into a burning barn, forcing the symbiote to separate from Peter.

Possessing Mister Fantastic and creating offspring.

While Jameson took Peter to safety, assuming the symbiote - which he blamed for Spider-Man's violence - was dead, Peter sensed it had survived. Angry and vengeful, the symbiote made its way to the Baxter Building and took over Reed Richards, blaming him for Peter having questioned their bond. It then proceeded to extract several offspring from itself, forcibly bonding one of them to the Thing.[3]

Using Reed's intelligence, he improved his offspring to make them flame resistant. To avoid any interference, it sealed the Baxter Building with symbiote biomass. This drew the attention of the Avengers and X-Factor who dealt with the situation with the few members of the Fanatical Four. The symbiote allowed Spider-Man to enter the Baxter Building with Mary Jane and the Human Torch. He sent Ben, possessed by one of his offspring, to pursue the intruders. Spider-Man and Johnny got separated, the latter being able to find the symbiote in Reed's lab while bonded with Reed. Wearing a suit of armor, it and Reed was able to avoid Johnny's flames and then unleashed its offspring that engulfed the heroes around the building. With the armor he was able to put Johnny at his mercy although Mary Jane shot him and ordered the symbiote to leave Johnny alone.[4]

The symbiote complained that it was Peter's love for Mary Jane that prevented it from full controlling him and tried to kill Mary Jane. Torch fled the Baxter Building with Mary Jane while the symbiote and the symbiote-possessed heroes chased them. The symbiote eventually captured Mary Jane as well as Reed's wife, the Invisible Woman. When the symbiote returned to the Baxter Building, it found Peter willing to bond with it in exchange for letting everyone else go. The symbiote agreed but killed Reed so he didn't get in its way again. Peter fled into the Baxter Building with the symbiote in pursuit. The symbiote realized too late that Peter was actually Human Torch impersonating him, allowing Torch to kill the symbiote with his flames and freeing the heroes under its control.[5]

Iterations and Offshoots

  • Black Suit Spawns - After being separated from Peter Parker, the symbiote bonded with Reed Richards and used his intelligence to create offspring to save people from his perspective.[3] The symbiotes were upgraded to be fire resistant and the black suit released several of them to bond with the heroes around the Baxter Building.[6] After the death of the black suit, the symbiotes dissolved, freeing the heroes they controlled, although one symbiote survived and was taken away by Kingpin's workers.[5]. It is unknown whether more symbionts managed to survive.


The symbiote is aggressive and callous, tormenting Peter with nightmares in order to push him into being more ruthless towards his enemies, and urging him to terrorize and kill the Hobgoblin. However, it also possesses a caring side, as it apologized for not letting Peter rescue his aunt.[1] The symbiote genuinely wants to help Peter and believes that it's their responsibility to protect the innocent. Even if it means instilling fear and killing any villains that step out of line.[2] After being separated from Peter, the symbiote was left angry at Mr. Fantastic for interrupting its bond with Peter. Still, the symbiote cherished Peter and held onto Spider-Man's values of saving everyone.[3]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of the Venom symbiote of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Venom symbiote of Earth-616.


Sonic and Heat: The Symbiote is extremely sensitive to sonic and thermal attacks.[1]



The Venom symbiote can manifest claws and tendrils from its constituent living abyss.[1]


  • The Black suit did not take on the Venom alias.
  • The symbiotes he had created alerted Spiderman's spider-sense.

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