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Quote1.png I know how It feels like, It feels good. The power, everything... but you'll lose yourself, let it go... Quote2.png
Peter Parker[src]


Bonded to Spider-Man

The symbiote first landed on Earth while Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson were having a romantic moment in the park. It sensed the power that radiated from Peter's body and, attaching itself to Parker's motorbike, rode with him to his apartment, where it remained in hiding for some time. The symbiote bided its time until soon after Peter discovered the true identity of his uncle's killer, and chose his moment of emotional turmoil and darkness to strike, bonding with him while he slept, taking the form of a new black suit and using Peter's body for a joyride into the city. While Peter was initially confused by its appearance, he quickly accepted the power that came from the suit, and embraced it. However, the symbiote also influenced the dark side of Peter's personality, making him arrogant, aggressive, cruel, and vengeful; under the symbiote's influence, he lashed out at Eddie Brock and attempted to murder the Sandman.

Realizing the corruptive influence the symbiote was having on him after lashing out at his landlord under its influence, Peter locked the symbiote in his closet and returned to his original costume. After Harry Osborn blackmailed Mary Jane into breaking up with Peter and mockingly told him that she was having an affair with him, Peter rebonded to the symbiote and severely disfigured Harry Osborn during a fight. Embracing the symbiote, Peter again became self-absorbed, arrogant, and lecherous. Seeking to get back at Mary Jane, under the symbiote's influence Peter took Gwen Stacy on a date to the nightclub where MJ had gotten a job. Getting into a fight with the bouncers, Peter impulsively struck Mary Jane and abruptly realized what the symbiote was doing to him. Travelling to a nearby church, Peter entered the belltower and attempted to remove it.[3]

Bonded to Eddie Brock

The symbiote, unwilling to relinquish its host, fought to prevent the separation, but Peter's accidental ringing of the church bells produced sonic vibrations that weakened the alien long enough for Peter to shed it. As it fell, the symbiote latched onto Eddie Brock, who had been praying for Peter Parker's death at the church and, hearing Peter's screams, came to check out the commotion. The symbiote aggressively bonded to Brock, granting him the powers and memories of Spider-Man, and transforming him into the monstrous Venom. Initially overwhelmed, Brock came to embrace the symbiote's power and joined it in its quest to kill Spider-Man.[2]


Venom tracked down and allied with Sandman to kidnap Mary Jane in order to lure out Spider-Man. When Spider-Man did arrive, Venom engaged him in battle, with the symbiote using Brock's body to match Spider-Man's strength and skill, until the appearance of a newly-gigantic Sandman incapacitated Spider-Man, allowing Venom to hold him in place while his new ally beat Spider-Man to death; however, a timely intervention from the New Goblin tipped the fight in Spider-Man's favour. After a prolonged battle, Spider-Man made an effort to appeal to Brock, but he was too far gone, consumed by his own hatred and the symbiote's influence. Venom's attempt to impale Spider-Man with the New Goblin's glider was interrupted by the Goblin himself, who sacrificed himself to save his friend. In doing so, the symbiote's weakness to sonic vibrations was also revealed, allowing Spider-Man to use a cage of vibrating steel pipes to disrupt the symbiote and pull Brock from its clutches. When Venom revealed that it no longer needed a host by growing to a gigantic, monstrous form, Spider-Man threw a pumpkin bomb into its mass; Brock attempted to leap into the symbiote to rejoin it just before the bomb detonated, incinerating him along with the symbiote.

A small sample of the symbiote still presumably resides with Dr. Connors, but the fate of this sample is unknown.[3]



Alien Symbiote Biology: The symbiote provided its host with increased physical capabilities but made it aggressive to its amphitron when it was bonded to it for the longest time. After detaching from Peter, the symbiote was able to provide Eddie Brock with the same abilities as Spider-Man.

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Superhuman Stamina
  • Regenerative Healing Factor
  • Genetic Memory
  • Constituent-Matter Generation
  • Parasitic Inheritance
  • Wall-Crawling
  • Webbing Generation
  • Immunity to Spider-Man's Spider-Sense


Sonic and Heat: The symbiote is extremely sensitive to sonic and thermal attacks, which makes it vulnerable. Spider-Man managed to separate from the symbiote using a bell causing sonic vibrations that made the symbiote leave him.



Symbiote manifests fangs and claws


  • In the novelisation of Spider-Man 3, the symbiote's final battle with Spider-Man sees it having devoured Brock's body to create a solid form for itself, using his skeleton as a framework (in a manner similar to the Black Suit of Earth-9811). Spider-Man then kills it by repeatedly striking the steel pipes caging the symbiote until its form dissipates entirely.
  • A deleted scene shows Peter seeing his reflection as Venom in the mirror, explaining his panicked state while locking the symbiote in his closet.[4]
  • In the film, neither Eddie nor any other character specifically refers to the symbiote as Venom, only being called "Symbiote" by Connors and "The Suit" by Spider-Man as a way of referring to the symbiote.

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