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The Venom symbiote was eventually separated from Eddie Brock and held in containment for over a decade. The symbiote escaped and re-bonded with Peter Parker, controlling him as the new Venom. Venom wanted to kill Parker's family, forcing him to watch and physically carry out the deed himself. Peter's daughter May managed to stop Venom, and return the symbiote to custody.[1]

Sometime later, Fury the Goblin Queen retrieved the symbiote and used it to possess Normie Osborn. Normie was initially overcome by the Venom consciousness as well, but his own inner darkness helped him to tame the symbiote, despite the serious reservations of Spider-Girl.[2] The Avengers identified the Venom symbiote on Normie and came to remove it, but a fight broke out between them and Jim Rhodes inadvertently went berserk due to his own issues. After Normie and the symbiote helped stop Rhodes, the Avengers backed off for the moment.[3]

Eventually, Spider-Girl was on the brink of death after an attack by the Brotherhood of the Scriers, and the symbiote sacrificed itself to bond with May and absorb her injuries into itself, dying in the process.[4]



Seemingly those of the Venom Symbiote of Earth-616.


  • Spider-Girl refers to the symbiote using female pronouns.[5]

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