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The Venom symbiote originated on the planet Klyntar,[4] where it was looked down upon and considered a "loser" for being a runt and lacking the advanced shapeshifting abilities possessed by other symbiotes.[2]

Venom was part of an invasion force of millions of symbiotes, and was chosen as part of an infiltration team led by Riot; allowing itself to be collected by a Life Foundation deep-space probe in order to infiltrate the planet that had sent it and prepare it for invasion.[2]

Arrival on Earth, Meeting Eddie, and Clash with Riot

Riot escaped containment and caused the shuttle to crash land in Malaysia, but Venom and the other two symbiotes were collected by the Life Foundation and taken to San Francisco, where Carlton Drake experimented on them. Bonded to a homeless woman named Maria, Venom deemed her an incompatible host and consumed her from the inside-out over the course of a week; transferring to investigative reporter Eddie Brock when he broke into the lab. Deeming Eddie a compatible host, Venom helped him escape the Life Foundation's security team; but his erratic behavior - influenced by its ravenous appetite - left his ex-fiancée Anne Weying and her new boyfriend, Dr. Dan Lewis concerned.[2]

Edward Brock and Venom (Symbiote) (Earth-TRN688) from Venom (film) 004.jpg

When Dr. Lewis attempted to scan Eddie with an MRI, the sonic waves agitated the symbiote, leading to the scan being aborted. After Eddie returned home, it influencing him into angrily confronting his neighbor over the rock music he was playing, partially transforming his face to frighten the man into agreeing to turn the volume down. When the Life Foundation's security forces - led by Roland Treece - arrived at Eddie's apartment and attempted to apprehend him, the symbiote - annoyed by Eddie's complacency - seized control of his body and attacked the PMCs. As more PMCs arrived, the symbiote helped Eddie flee. As Eddie attempted to reach his motorcycle from an alley, the symbiote causing him to see it as his reflection in the window of a van; taking offence to him calling it a parasite. Their argument was cut short when the Life Foundation deployed a fleet of weaponized drones; the symbiote assisting him in his escape. When Treece rammed Eddie - breaking his legs, the symbiote covered its host, transforming Eddie into a hulking oily-black monster with large white eyespots, claws, a fanged maw and a prehensile tongue. Declaring its intent to eat Treece, the symbiote was interrupted when a second PMC shot it from behind and devoured him instead. Diving into the ocean and swimming to a lighthouse, the symbiote returned Eddie to human form and manifested its head; telling him that as far as it was concerned, he was nothing more than a vehicle for it to use as it pleased, that its mission was to get the Life Foundation's rocket, and if he cooperated, then it would consider sparing him.[2]

The symbiote agreed to Eddie's request to go to his former place of employment, the MNBN broadcasting network, first to turn in evidence that the Life Foundation was conducting illicit experiments. When Eddie was refused entry, the symbiote took over him and climbed to the top of the skyscraper. It noted that human civilization had its beautiful aspects, remarking that it was almost sorry it would be destroyed. A low-flying airplane passing overhead caused it to retreat into Eddie's body in pain and he nearly fell to his death, but the symbiote transformed his hand and dug its claws into the wall to break their fall. After Eddie turned in the evidence, the symbiote told him to jump out the window, mocking him when he instead took the elevator. Confronted by a squad of SWAT police, Venom easily defeated them, stopping just short of eating one of the policemen and withdrawing into Eddie's body when Venom noticed Anne watching. Developing a liking for her, the Venom symbiote prompted Eddie to apologize to her for ruining her life. When Anne and Dr. Lewis revealed that it had been consuming Eddie's organs, slowly killing him, the symbiote protested that it could fix the damage, pleading with Eddie not to listen to them. Anne used the MRI to purge it from Eddie's body and he berated it for betraying their bond before storming out and leaving it to die. The symbiote escaped into the ventilation and bonded to Gemini - a chihuahua belonging to Mrs. Manfredi, the wife of one of the hospital's patients. The symbiote located Eddie just as he was captured by Treece, then sought out Anne and bonded to her; tracking Eddie down, killing the PMCs standing guard, and devouring Treece. The symbiote influenced Anne into kissing Eddie and transferred itself to him, leaving her behind despite her desire to help them.

Edward Brock (Earth-TRN688) Venom (Symbiote) (Earth-TRN688) Carlton Drake (Earth-TRN688) and Riot (Symbiote) (Earth-TRN688) from Venom (film) 001.png

When Eddie told it that Drake had bonded to a symbiote of his own, the Venom symbiote recognized Riot and explained that they were greatly outmatched. Nevertheless, Venom confronted Riot and briefly managed to hold his own, but was eventually overpowered and torn off Eddie. Before Riot could devour Venom, Eddie rebonded to it, but Riot managed to absorb both of them into itself. Anne managed to separate Riot and Venom from each other and their hosts by playing amplified feedback, but Riot rebonded to Drake and impaled Eddie through the chest with an arm-blade. Venom rebonded to Eddie and removed the blade, using it to rupture the rocket's fuel tanks and killing Riot in the ensuing explosion.[2]

Venom seemingly sacrificed itself shielding Eddie from the blast, but it survived and remained bonded to him - which Eddie kept a secret from Anne. Venom agreed to Eddie's stipulation that it could only hurt bad people, devouring a thug who was exercising an extortion racket on Mrs. Chen, an elderly Chinese woman whose convenience store Eddie frequented.[2]

Clash with Carnage

One year later, Venom began feeling resentful towards Eddie for not letting it prey on the city's criminals, forcing it to subsist on chicken and chocolate. During a meeting between Eddie and Detective Patrick Mulligan of the SFPD, Venom attempted to eat the police officer for insulting Eddie -- prompting a heated arguement between them. Following Eddie reluctantly meeting with Cletus, Venom alerted him to carvings on the inside of Cletus' cell and pieced the clues presented by them together in order to uncover the location where Cletus had buried the bodies of his victims. Having enjoyed playing a hero, Venom was furious when Eddie again refused its suggestion that they become a vigilante - wanting to pick up the pieces of his old life, prompting another arguement between them. Upon finding that the chocolate they ordered from Mrs. Chen hadn't arrived yet, Venom attempted to eat a mugger it and Eddie encountered attacking a woman; begrudgingly relenting at Eddie's insistance and raiding a chicken farm.

When Anne reached out to Eddie, Venom assumed she had been dumped by Dr. Lewis and was looking to hook back up with Eddie, only to be infuriated when she revealed that she and Dr. Lewis were engaged; unintentionally revealing to Anne that it had survived. With Eddie veering into suicidal depression, Venom attempted to comfort him; but advised against him meeting Cletus one last time before his execution. When Eddie met with Cletus anyway, Venom attacked the serial killer for insulting Eddie -- unwittingly infecting Cletus with some of Eddie's symbiote-laced blood, gestating a new symbiote called Carnage. Venom attacking Cletus prompted another arguement between Eddie and Venom that escalated into a fight, with Venom throwing Eddie's television out the window and Eddie expelling the symbiote from his body using a smoke alarm.

Bonding to a passing homeless man, Venom began jumping from host to host, eventually arriving at a rave where it was mistaken for a costume by the partygoers. Delivering an impassioned speech berating Eddie for being ashamed of it and speaking out against the cruel treatment of aliens - the crowd cheering due to thinking it was talking about being in a closeted gay relationship and the rights of undocumented migrants. Lamenting that Eddie hadn't been there to see it, Venom took over a new host and made its way to Mrs. Chen's shop, bonding to her and discovering she was a compatible host. When Anne Weying and Dr. Lewis came looking for it, Venom -- speaking through Mrs. Chen -- refused to help Eddie despite being informed that Eddie had been arrested and Cletus Kasady had escaped his execution using a symbiote of his own. Playing to Venom's ego, Anne coaxed the symbiote into bonding to her and jailbreaking Eddie, but the symbiote refused to return to him until he delivered a humiliating apology.

While searching for Cletus and Frances, Venom and Eddie were contacted by Dr. Lewis, who informed them that Anne had been captured by Cletus and Frances, and taken to Grace Cathedral. Arriving ready to fight, Venom panicked at the sight of Carnage and retracted into Eddie's body, suggesting they leave Anne to her fate and get as far away as possible. With Eddie promising to let it eat whoever it wanted, Venom emerged to fight Carnage, whose superior shapeshifting abilities - and a power up from devouring a priest taken hostage - let it overpower its progenitor until Dr. Lewis intervened by dumping burning gasoline onto it. Saving Dr. Lewis from being eaten, Venom was forced to retract into Eddie's body by the tolling of the cathedral's churchbell; Cletus delivering a brutal beatdown to Eddie while berating him for only telling the victims' side of the story. With Eddie badly injured and pinned under rubble, Carnage grabbed Anne and carried her to the peak of the cathedral, pausing to attack Frances when she begged Cletus to stop -- saying that killing Anne was going too far. Watching Cletus struggle against Carnage to protect his lover, Venom realized that despite their differences and bickering, its bond to Eddie was superior to their enemies'. Agreeing to work together to save Anne, Venom broke free, scaled the cathedral, and impaled Carnage through the head with a chunk of pipe before it could eat Anne.

Despite Carnage brutally stabbing and impaling them numerous times, Venom lowered Anne to safety. As Carnage prepared to devour them, Venom knocked Frances off the edge of the belltower's interior, her scream separating both symbiotes from their hosts. Rebonding to Eddie mid-fall, Venom devoured Carnage before it could rebond to Cletus. As the badly-injured Cletus said that all he'd wanted was to be Eddie's friend, Venom contemptuously bit the serial killer's head off and tossed his body aside. Hunted by the authorities, who were now aware of Eddie's connection to Venom, Venom offered to leave Eddie so that he could return to his normal life, but Eddie refused and the two went on the run together.

While "on vacation" in Mexico, Venom was overjoyed when Eddie agreed to its earlier suggestion of becoming a vigilante superhero. Staying at a cheap motel and watching Latin American soap operas, Venom offered Eddie a glimpse into the eldritch knowledge of the Symbiote Hive-Mind, despite warning him it could destroy his feeble human psyche, but they were suddenly interrupted by a flash of golden light.

Brief Move to Earth-199999

Engulfed by the flash of golden light, Eddie and Venom were shocked and confused to find themselves in a much fancier hotel room, on another reality. When a TV broadcast by the Daily Bugle came on denouncing Peter Parker -- aka Spider-Man -- as the murderer of the superhero Mysterio, Venom engulfed Eddie and hungrily licked the screen before quickly retracting into Eddie's body when the hotel room's actual occupant returned.[1]

Venom (Symbiote) (Earth-TRN688) from Spider-Man No Way Home 001.png

Eddie found his way to a bar, where he and Venom learned about the heroes of this new reality and the events surrounding Thanos and the Infinity War from the barman. Scoffing at the idea of an alien being obsessed with rocks, Eddie drunkenly suggested that he and Venom travel to New York and talk things out with Spider-Man, but to Venom's dismay they were abruptly returned to their home dimension when the spell that had brought them to Earth-199999 was fixed. However, a small fragment of the Venom symbiote was left behind, and began to move in search of a host.[3]


The Venom symbiote was initially bloodthirsty and cruel; frequently mocking Eddie, openly considering him nothing but a vehicle for it to use to accomplish its mission, and consuming him from the inside-out, but over time it starts to genuinely care about him and even loving him. Despite being cruel and sadistic, it is childish, cheerful and boisterous as it cheers on at the fact that it defeated Treece and his men, which it suggested to Eddie that they should bite all their heads off and pile them in a corner. It is honest to the point of being brutal, when it was questioned by Eddie if it's going to eat anyone else, and it says most likely to him. It also can be reasonable at times as it makes a deal with Eddie to help it to get to Drake's rocket, and even says it to him. Tired of being looked down upon by the other members of its kind, who had considered it a runt - Venom came to empathize with Eddie's status as a "loser", eventually deciding to turn on its own kind and save the Earth from being invaded. The symbiote ultimately agreed to work alongside Eddie as a vigilante, to only hurt bad people despite its own confusion of how it can tell the difference of who is good or bad.[2] In contrast to Eddie, who wanted to return to his normal life and resented Venom disrupting his attempts to do so, Venom began resenting Eddie for keeping it hidden and not letting it act as a "lethal protector" by hunting down and devouring criminals. The growing tension and resentment between Eddie and Venom ultimately led to a falling-out between the two of them, though Venom secretly lamented having left Eddie. When sought out by Anne, Venom refused to help her save Eddie until she appealed to its ego, and refused to rebond to Eddie until he apologized. Observing Cletus and Carnage's disharmony, Eddie and Venom set aside their differences to save Anne. Venom was willing to leave Eddie so that he could return to his normal life, and was touched when Eddie opted to become a fugitive and travel the world as a lethal protector.[1]

Impressed by Anne Weying - another compatible host, the symbiote attempted to help Eddie repair his relationship with her and - while bonded to Anne - influenced her into kissing him.[2] When Eddie neglected to do so, resulting in Anne getting engaged to Dr. Lewis, Venom was infuriated but tried to assuage Eddie's heartbreak. When bonded to Mrs. Chen, the Venom symbiote berated Anne for breaking Eddie's heart, but begrudgingly accepted her relationship with Dr. Lewis after they helped it and Eddie fight Carnage.[1]

Venom also dislikes being addressed as a parasite,[2] due to it being a vulgar insult on its homeworld.[4]



Symbiote Biology: While weaker than other members of its species, the Venom symbiote confers the following abilities to its host:

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Senses
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Superhuman Stamina
  • Accelerated Healing Factor
  • Wall-Crawling
  • Constituent-Matter Generation
  • Constituent-Matter Manipulation: Venom is capable of extending its biomass into tentacles and forming shields, though it lacks the advanced shapeshifting powers of other symbiotes, such as Riot and Carnage.


  • Sonic and Heat: Sounds within the 4 to 6 kilohertz range cause extreme pain to the Venom symbiote, and prolonged exposure could kill it. The symbiote is also vulnerable to intense levels of heat and flames.
  • Host Incompatibility: The symbiotes of this universe seem to need a host that is compatible with them in order to survive, otherwise they would die.[2]



The Venom symbiote can manifest fangs, claws, blades, and tendrils from its constituent living abyss.


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