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Synopsis for "Run: Part Two"

At Nan's Cookhouse, a diner in Voici, a balding older man named Yooper asks Clem why he looks so depressed, remarking that he looks like he lost his best friend. As Nan - an obese red-haired woman - calls out an order, Clem replies that he went and got an alien parasite stuck to him and that it wants to eat everyone, and there's nothing he'll be able to do to stop it. Yooper is shocked, then laughs - thinking Clem is joking. He repeats Clem's statement to Nan, and poking fun at Nan's weight. As he laughs at his own joke, Nan reacts in horror and Yooper remarks he didn't mean anything by it; not noticing that Clem has transformed into a hulking black monster with a fanged maw and white spider-emblems on its chest and back. As the patrons flee the diner, they're gunned down by [Frankie (Ararat Corporation) (Earth-616)

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