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Synopsis for "Road Trip Part One"

At his father's funeral, Flash is approached by Jack O'Lantern, pretending to be a friend of his in front of Betty, and asks for Flash to come with him. Jack O'Lantern takes him to the secret hideout of the Crime-Master, where he offers him a deal. In return for letting his family live, Flash must do jobs for him as Venom. His first is to go to Las Vegas and retrieve an item for him.

At Project Rebirth the next day, Captain America comes in to shut them down. Flash and Aaron watch him from a security monitor, and while Aaron rushes to erase everything related to Project: Venom, Flash steals the symbiote.

Captain America catches up to Venom in the forest and tries to convince him to return the suit. Venom refuses, and the two get into a fight, during which Venom punches Cap too hard and he loses consciousness and falls off a mountain. Venom jumps to his rescue and swings away.

Later, Captain America returns to Project Rebirth and learns that Venom returned to steal his motorcycle before leaving again.

Solicit Synopsis

NEW DIRECTION. NEW ARTIST. OLD SOLDIERS. Rick Remender welcomes Lan Medina (PUNISHER) with AMERICAN BADNESS! SPIDER-ISLAND has changed everything and now the death of a loved one reminds Flash Thompson that his secret identity is in the hands of the villainous Crime-Master – and the only way to take his life back is to go rogue. But CAPTAIN AMERICA is out to shut him down. It’s a good old fashioned road trip with Flash Thompson and an alien symbiote!

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