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Quote1.png What in the name of God have I gotten myself into? Working for the bad guys. And the bad guys are insane. Quote2.png
Flash Thompson

Appearing in "Road Trip Part Two"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Crime-Master (Only in flashback)
  • Crime-Master's henchmen (Only in flashback)

Other Characters:

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Synopsis for "Road Trip Part Two"

At an unknown location in New York City, Eddie Brock, homeless, jobless, and fueled by his religious beliefs, sits in his armory prepping to go to war with the symbiotes.

Flash calls Betty from a motel to tell her he was called out on a job. He hasn't taken the suit off in days and it's given him legs to walk with. After hanging up the phone, he returns to his room where he finds Jack O'Lantern, who was sent by Crime-Master to help him; meanwhile, Captain America sends Red Hulk on a mission to retrieve Venom.

The next day, Flash and Jack O'Lantern are driving to Las Vegas when they hear of a cave-in at a mine in Elko on the radio. Flash immediately turns the car around and drives to Elko. There, Venom holds up the crumbling ceiling while Jack leads the miners out; however, one miner is trapped under the rubble and another miner refuses to leave without him. Jack takes things into his own hands and shoots the trapped miner so that the other miner will leave, much to Venom's anger.

Later, the two stop off at a diner, where Jack insults their waitress and the manager. Then, he tells Flash the story of how he became Jack O'Lantern. As a kid, he often disobeyed his parents, and in one instance he ran off on Halloween and came upon the house that the Crime-Master resided in. He was kidnapped and lived with him from then on. As he got older, Crime-Master trained him to fight and eventually sent him to kill his own parents. It was then that he developed his signature, emptying out a person's head and putting a tealight in it, like a jack o'lantern. Afterwards, he alleges he killed everyone who ever used the named "Jack O'Lantern" so that he could use the title.

Upon finishing his story, Jack gets up to use the restroom and claims to have paid the check when he returns. The two leave the diner, but inside, the waitress and the manager lie dead in the darkness, illuminated by the candles in their heads.

Solicit Synopsis

VENOM COMES FACE TO FIST WITH JACK-O-LANTERN! But are these archenemies about to become partners?! On the run from his own country, Flash Thompson may have no choice but to ally himself with his newest enemy as Rick Remender and Lan Medina continue building Venom’s brave new world!

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