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Quote1.png I've gotta be going now. Bullet holes to patch. Girls to slaughter. Just one last question before I go. Have you visited mom recently? Quote2.png
Jack O'Lantern

Appearing in "Savage Six, Part 2: Family"

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Synopsis for "Savage Six, Part 2: Family"

Now that Betty knows that Flash is Venom, after slapping him, she refuses to go with him. But when he tells her that the Savage Six also plans on killing his mother and sister, she has no choice but to go with him. First, he plans on going to his sister so he steals someone's cell phone and asks Betty to call his mother and warn her. However, Human Fly has already gotten to her and and is about to eat her. Since she isn't answering the phone, Betty then goes to call Jessie. But Megatak has been monitoring the lines and appears on the cell phone's screen, forcing them to throw the phone away.

When they reach Jessie's apartment, Venom leaves Betty on the fire escape and enters her bedroom where he finds Jessie's husband lying dead on their bed. Suddenly, he hears Jessie's voice underneath a blanket and pulls the blanket away, revealing that the voice was coming from Jack O'Lantern's robotic devil dolls, mimicking her voice. He destroys all but one of them, which turns out to be a bomb. Venom rushes out and swings away with Betty just before the bomb goes off.

After getting to safety, Venom notices a smoke trail and follows after it, leaving Betty behind on top of a building. He follows the trail to a cathedral and sees Jessie tied up on top of it. Jack O'Lantern attacks him from behind, but he is still able to grab his gun and hit him in the side. Venom manages to get in a few more shots before Jack spits a fiery acid on him. As he cools down with water from a fountain, Jack throws Jessie off the rooftop. But Venom comes to her rescue and grabs a hold of her with a web before she hits the ground and brings her to safety.

However, this was enough of a distraction for Toxin to reappear and take Betty with him. Venom wants to go after him but he also can't leave Jessie. As Jack leaves, he asks him if he's seen his mother recently. At the same time, Human Fly is eating the leftovers of, apparently, his mother's ribcage.

Solicit Synopsis


• Flash Thompson and Betty Brant are on the run and there’s nowhere to hide!

• Venom’s secret identity has been compromised... both to his enemies AND his friends!

• Cullen Bunn (WOLVERINE) teams with series regulars Rick Remender & Lan Medina as the Savage Six stage their most brutal attack on the people closest to Flash Thompson!

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