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Quote1.png I'm right here. And I'm offering you a change. A chance for us to be together again. And for our first family night? Wer'e gonna make some TV dinners... And you're gonna watch me murder the hell out of Flash Thompson. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Savage Six, Part 3: The Truth"

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Synopsis for "Savage Six, Part 3: The Truth"

Flash arrives at his mother's apartment incognito, only to find evidence that the Human Fly had kidnapped her. Suddenly, he is attacked by Death Adder, who knocks him through a wall into the kitchen. Eventually, their fight threatens the other tenants before Flash is able to snap his neck. All the tenants, terrified of what they've seen, threaten Flash to leave.

Meanwhile, Betty has been taken to Crime Master's hideout in Staten Island. Monitoring her room via camera and speaking to her via loudspeaker, Crime Master unlocks her door and invites her to meet him, face-to-face, warning that he's giving her only one chance.

On the Lower East Side, Flash tracks down his mother and the Human Fly. He captures the mutant criminal and brutally interrogates him as to Crime Master's whereabouts, tearing off both his wings.

Upon meeting Crime Master, he shows her into a room, a makeshift shrine of Betty memorabilia on the wall. Crime Master then reveals himself to be Bennett Brant, her brother. He offers her a chance to join him and watch as he murder Flash.

Solicit Synopsis

• Toxin vs. Venom! Flash Thompson’s Last Stand! The Crime-Master Triumphant! – It’s the Savage Six Finale the comics world will be talking about!

• CRIME MASTER’S IDENTITY IS REVEALED – and Flash Thompson and Betty Brant’s lives will never be the same!

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