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Quote1.png You think-- what?-- You can grow yourself an army of Carnage-soldiers in the body banks? Trust me. One of me is plenty. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Minimum Carnage, Part 3: The Madman & the Microverse"

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Synopsis for "Minimum Carnage, Part 3: The Madman & the Microverse"

Captain Arcturus Rann introduces himself and his squad members to Agent Venom, and one of them Flare claims that the symbiote is dangerous to the Microverse and indeed, when another member of the team, Bug touches it, it is discovered that contact with a symbiote it has deleterious effects on the inhabitants of the Microverse. Flash discovers that the leader of the Enigma Force wants to talk to him, and shortly thereafter the spaceship the group is on is attacked. Meanwhile, the Scarlet Spider manages to kill the monster that threatened him and the Reedemer, while Carnage refuses to be used as a laboratory guinea pig and begins to slaughter the people who brought him into the Microverse only to attack Kaine and the Reedemer. During the fight, Flash loses control over the symbiote again.

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