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Quote1.png You know what they say about you, Miss Brant? When you're not around... do you ever wonder what they say behind your back? When your "friends" think they can speak with impunity... they giggle and they whisper... reveling in the decadent question on all their minds... How does Betty love that legless drunk? Quote2.png
Jack O'Lantern

Appearing in "Web of Death!"

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Synopsis for "Web of Death!"

Jack O' Lantern shows up in Betty Brant's apartment and kidnaps her. Meanwhile, at Project Rebirth, Katherine feels that they should terminate Agent Venom due to his being inactive for three days. General Dodge orders her not to terminate Agent Venom despite the poor chances that he is still in control of the suit.

However, Flash is no longer in control and the suit is on a rampage, killing everyone in its way. After killing all of the henchmen, Flash injects himself with his last dose of the sedative, enough to last him an hour. Flash catches up to the chopper carrying the vibranium and takes control of it. On the radio, Crime-Master informs Flash that they have kidnapped Betty Brant and strapped her to a bomb and if he doesn't surrender the shipment of vibranium they will blow her up.

In New York, Peter Parker enters Betty's apartment to find it in shambles. He calls Glory Grant, tells her to call the police, and quickly springs into action as Spider-Man.

Flash is no longer in control of the suit but it is still willing to follow his commands. He lands the chopper in Bushwick, New York and delivers the vibranium to Crime-Master, who gives him five minutes to save Betty. On his way to the warehouse she is being help captive in, Spider-Man attacks. They begin to fight and the suit no longer complies with his wishes and decides to kill Spider-Man. Back at the base, General Dodge witnesses their fight and presses the self-destruct button.

Solicit Synopsis

Flash has lost control of the symbiote! Jack-O'-Lantern and his enigmatic boss are poised to flood the black market with?weaponized Antarctic Vibranium! With his military handler's finger on the self-destruct button, can Flash overcome his temper to regain control over Venom and save the world from descending into chaos before he's blown to pieces?

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