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Quote1.png I'm not done with you! I'm gonna come back for you, Flash. Gonna teach you a lesson. Show you how dangerous a monster can be! And not just yours! Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Family Bonding"

As Agent Venom picks himself up, Toxin suggests he start praying for a little divine favor to get him through what's next. Agent Venom retaliates by transforming his right arm into a club and sending Toxin flying, thinking to himself that both Eddie and the Toxin symbiote hate Venom. As Flash mutters to himself that things are looking bad, Toxin says he'd be lying if he said going after Venom wasn't personal and that he isn't enjoying himself after what Venom did to both Eddie and the symbiote, but that killing Flash is for his own good. As Toxin lunges, about to crush him beneath a car, Agent Venom dodges, noting that the Venom symbiote is healing him. As Toxin rips the car in half, Agent Venom grimly notes that the red-and-black symbiote is much stronger than his own, and that Eddie is fuelled by anger and the conviction that he's doing what's right. Pulling out a pistol, Agent Venom opens fire, but the Toxin symbiote nullifies the bullets. As Toxin laughs, Agent Venom kicks him in the face and calls Eddie out on his hypocrisy of saying that symbiotes are a blight and a cancer and then getting chummy with Toxin. Toxin slashes Flash's face, blinding him, and states that Eddie and the Toxin symbiote have come to a truce in order to defeat Venom, and once that's over they'll try to kill each other.

The cyborg rips free from the webbing binding him and joins the fray, causing Toxin to change targets, knocking Agent Venom aside with tendrils and impaling the cyborg with an arm-blade, dislodging one of the green canisters imbedded in the cyborg's back. Toxin grabs the cyborg and opens his jaws, wrapping a tendril around Agent Venom's neck and slamming him around. Toxin sneers at Agent Venom for trying to rescue the cyborg and trying to play the hero, stating that sooner or later Flash will lose control of the symbiote's predatory instincts and give in to its ravenous hunger. To prove his point, Toxin devours the upper half of the cyborg's body, tossing the rest aside. Enraged, Agent Venom lunges, screaming that Toxin didn't have to kill the cyborg, forming a fanged mouth, and biting off Toxin's arm. Toxin retorts that sooner or later Venom would have done the same thing, grabbing Agent Venom's face, but Agent Venom forms serrations on his tongue and slices off Toxin's fingers.

Enraged, Toxin increases massively in height and chomps down on Agent Venom, remarking that he's putting up a good fight, but lacks the juice to put him down for good as he tosses Agent Venom aside. Flash thinks that for all Eddie's talk of temporary alliances, he and the Toxin symbiote have bonded completely and don't even realize it, as Toxin reattaches his severed arm. Agent Venom tackles Toxin to no effect, and Toxin says that Flash must know what a danger he is, and that as long as he is bonded to the Venom symbiote everyone around him is at risk. Saying Flash should thank him, Eddie impales Agent Venom on an arm-blade. Flash wonders if Eddie's killed him, then realizes that the symbiote is barely holding him together. Sensing its fear, Agent Venom pulls out the needle of symbiote tranquilizer and stabs it into Toxin. As the red-and-black symbiote recedes, Eddie vows to return and show Flash how dangerous a monster can be. As Flash passes out, he sees the four canisters attached to the cyborg's back are empty.

Later that evening, Andi sits on the apartment roof when she hears a thud behind her. She investigates and sees Flash covered in cuts and bruises, with a nasty black eye, and bleeding from the wound in his chest. She expresses concern, but Flash tells her he'll be alright. As Andi presses him for answers, Flash snaps at her to leave him alone and she leaves, rebuking him. Flash feels bad for hurting her feelings, but acknowledges that Toxin was right about not letting anyone get close. Knowing that Toxin will come for him again, Flash wonders if in fifteen years he would go back in time and warn himself about this night, the night he marked everyone around him for death.

Underneath a bridge, a group of homeless men sit around a burning barrel. One of the men notes that his bologna was stolen, and angrily kicks one of his companions. The biomechanical entities that had been controlling the cyborg note that their primary command routine, gaining strength by consuming flesh, was interrupted. Initiating their secondary command routine, multiplying, they reveal they have taken over two of the men, and take over the remaining two. Identifying Venom and Toxin as rival apex predators, the four Symbiote Slayers activate their adaptation matrixes and set out to eliminate the competition.

Solicit Synopsis

• The Symbiote Slayers are here. You read that correctly.

• Toxin. Venom. Bunn. Shalvey. War.

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