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Andi after becoming Mania

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Synopsis for 1st story

Andi wakes up to her cheerful father, who notes that something's bothering her. Andi cryptically hints that she stumbled on a secret of someone at school and she wants to talk to them about it. Her father warns that secret have a way of hurting people.

Meanwhile, Katy Kiernan finds Agent Venom in disguise as a nun. Flash explains that Lord Ogre had put a hit on him, so Venom has to stay low for a while and he still keeps his secret identity from her. Katy then helps Flash with his war on crime in Philadelphia with her network of contacts.

It is night time at Andi's apartment and her father cheering on a game on TV. She then leaves to knock on Flash's door, only to find Jack O'Lantern waiting there. He chases her all the way back to her apartment. Thankfully, Venom arrives to save them. But as they fight Jack managed to kill Andi's father. He then unleashes poison gas as a means of taunting Venom that he can't save Andi. Venom attempts to extend the symbiote around Andi to protect her, only to inadvertently create a symbiote costume around her.

Solicit Synopsis

• Venom’s evolution as Philadelphia’s makeshift, seat-of-your-pants Avenger continues!

• But is KATY KIERNAN dead set on learning all Venom’s secrets?

• How does Flash protect his secret identity while trying to protect himself from a hit that’s been called on him?

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