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August, 2011June 29, 2011
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Quote1.png I killed all the jerks who wore this mask before me... none of them were arch-enemy class, though. Not really. Still, I wondered how long it would take, right? To earn a true arch-enemy you gotta hold a awfully personal grudge. And, guess what? I've got one. With you. That grenade in Nrosvekistan did a real number on me. And I did just try to blow up your best gal. Arch-Enemy 101. Quote2.png
-- Jack O'Lantern

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The long awaited grudge match between Venom and Spider-Man is here! Big action! Big intrigue! All presented in the mighty Marvel fashion! Rick Remender (X-Force, Punisher) and Tony Moore (Punisher, The Walking Dead) bring you a knock down street brawl for the ages in the closing chapter of the first arc of Marvel’s hottest new series!

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