Quote1.png The doctors tell me he has cirrhosis of the liver. He's known for a year... just didn't tell anyone. He figures he's going to be dead soon, why not be drunk. Sick thing is I get it. Might even have done the same in his shoes. But any identification, any sympathy, drains when I have to be the one to tell her. Quote2.png
-- Flash Thompson

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Synopsis for "Father's Day"

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Solicit Synopsis

THE HOTTEST NEW BOOK IN COMICS IS BACK WITH A SPIDER-ISLAND PRELUDE! Can the new Venom and Peter Parker (The Amazing Spider-Man) put aside their differences to help save a man from himself? Plus Betty Brant, crusading blogger and gal pal to Flash Thompson may be onto the secrets behind the infestation kicking off this summer’s Spider-Blockbuster! Rick Remender (X-FORCE) joins Tony Moore (FRANKEN-CASTLE) and Tom Fowler (I AM AN AVENGER) for the next crucial chapter in the life of Flash Thompson!


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