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Dylan Brock

Appearing in "Venom Island: Part IV"

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Synopsis for "Venom Island: Part IV"

Three weeks after the destruction of the Isla de Huesos, Eddie Brock lies in a bed at New York Hospital, traumatized by the death of the Venom symbiote -- which he compares to the phantom pain of the loss of his hand. Glancing out a window to where Captain America, Iron Man, and Captain Marvel are standing in the hallway discussing him, Eddie laments that he's lost everything.

Captain America enters and says someone is there to see him, ushering Dylan Brock into the room. As Eddie greets him, Dylan asks his "dad" if he's okay, Eddie assuring him that he'll be fine before asking what's wrong. Captain America tells Dylan to just tell Eddie, who reacts in shock as Dylan says that he can't live with his father anymore. Captain America states that between the War of the Realms and recent battle with Carnage, it's clear that Eddie isn't qualified to be a father and that Dylan staying with him would only endanger the boy. Horrified, Eddie protests that it's only been three weeks and that -- given the danger is all over -- Dylan will still be safe with him. Captain America grimly remarks that that's not the case and that Eddie has been asleep for months, pointing out the window to where a skyscraper-sized Knull and his horde of symbiote dragons are laying waste to Manhattan.

Dylan tells Eddie that Knull had appeared to him in his dreams, and had Eddie been there for him they could have done something to stop him; Captain America chiming in by saying that the death toll is in the thousands, and that if they'd had some kind of warning the casualties might have been prevented. As Eddie protests and tries to apologize, the doctor steps into the room with an IV blood-bag and says that it's time for Eddie to take his medicine. As Captain America leaves with Dylan, Eddie begs them not to go; the doctor sticking the IV needle into his arm. Seeing the IV line is full of a viscous red-and-black ooze, Eddie turns to his doctor and asks what it is; only to see Cletus Kasady standing over him - the IV bag actually containing the Carnage symbiote. Eddie realizes this has all been a dream and berates himself for not having realized it when Dylan called him "dad"; ripping out the IV line too late, as the Carnage symbiote bursts from the bag and engulfs him.

Eddie realizes that he was knocked out by the shock of the lightning bolt, recalling the last thing he saw being the Venom and Carnage symbiotes racing each other to bond to him; and realizes that he's still on the Isla de Huesos and that the Carnage symbiote won the race. He regains consciousness to find himself being engulfed by the deific red-and-black symbiote, which mockingly tells him that it will make him relive his worst nightmares until Knull arrives and razes the Earth. As Eddie asks what happened to the Venom symbiote, the Carnage symbiote sneers that it fled into the jungle when it bonded to him. Taking over Eddie's body, the Carnage symbiote gleefully says that Eddie doesn't need the Venom symbiote anymore now that he has it, and that they should celebrate their new partnership by going out and slaughtering everyone on the planet - starting with Dylan Brock.

At Liz Allan's apartment, the Sleeper symbiote complains that Dylan has been tapped into the Symbiote Hive-Mind for hours; Dylan retorting that he can't find Knull amidst the numerous discordant voices of the Hive. Suddenly sensing the Venom symbiote, Dylan realizes something has gone horribly wrong and uses his offshoot of the Carnageized Grendel symbiote to open a portal in midair; Sleeper reacting in shock and confusion. Despite Sleeper's misgivings, Dylan explains that he needs to go through the portal to save Eddie; stepping through to find himself inside a void of living abyss. Communing with the Venom symbiote, Dylan asks if it will let him help rescue Eddie; the Venom symbiote confusedly noting that only Knull has the power to remotely pilot symbiotes. Dylan states that he's somehow capable of doing so as well, asking it where Eddie is. The Venom symbiote states that Eddie has been taken by Carnage, lamenting that it was too weak to save him. Dylan assures it that they are stronger when they aren't alone. The Venom symbiote notes that as Dylan's physical body isn't there they don't have to assume a humanoid form and can take any form they want, Dylan grinning in response. Transforming the Venom symbiote into the shape of a Tyrannosaurus rex and charging towards the shocked Carnage, Dylan speaks through it and roars at the red-and-black symbiote to get away from his dad.

Solicit Synopsis


• Cletus Kasady may be gone, but CARNAGE is another story – and its evil has infected Venom and the entire ISLAND OF BONES.

• As every living thing on the island hunts him, Eddie Brock may have no choice but to burn it – and everything he holds dear – to the ground…


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