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Synopsis for "Venom Beyond: Part 3"

In a laboratory filled with stasis tanks, Codex approaches Doctor Octopus and asks if Virus has been bonded to a symbiote yet. Doctor Octopus remarks that the symbiote that Codex chose seems hesitant to bond to Virus and seems to be studying him instead. Codex tells Doctor Octopus to kill the symbiote and choose a different one if it keeps procrastinating, then asks if Virus is able to speak. Turning to a table where the remains of the Virus Armor are laid out, Codex says he wants to ask him about his suit. Virus begs to be let out of the tank, promising he'll do whatever Codex asks of him, which Codex says he'll do regardless. Examining a pumpkin bomb and one of the armor's gauntlets, Codex notes that Virus' armor seems to be cobbled together from an old suit of War Machine Armor and Green Goblin gear, asking where he got them. Virus protests that the armor was all he could afford, and the components were purchased from the Tinkerer and other black-market dealers. Codex threatens to kill Virus if he interrupts him again, then bluntly states that he personally saw to it that the Tinkerer and Norman Osborn are dead, as is Tony Stark. As Codex tells Virus to try again and this time tell the truth, Virus protests that he came from a different universe and was hunting Eddie Brock and his son. Upon hearing the name "Brock", Codex flies into a rage and smashes Virus' armor off the table, furiously demanding that Virus tell him everything.

In the underground tunnel, Eddie Brock asks Anne Weying - this world's Agent Venom - how this can be real, Dylan reacting in confusion and asking his father who the woman is. As Eddie steps closer, Anne pulls a gun on him and tells him to stay put, suspicious that he's a mole for Codex. Starting to cry, Anne orders Eddie to tell her how he got there. Eddie explains how he and Dylan were sucked through a wormhole made by a mad scientist called the Maker, and that he's just as confused as she is. Anne demands to know how Eddie got the Venom symbiote, and he explains that it bonded to him in Our Lady of Saints Church when he went there to commit suicide. Lowering her gun, Anne turns away and curses to herself, Eddie asking her what's wrong. Wiping away her tears, Anne explains that her world's Eddie Brock went through with his suicide. Shocked and horrified, Eddie says that he can't imagine what she must've gone through, and Anne retorts that he can't. Continuing her tale, Anne says that she nearly went insane with grief, hating Eddie for killing himself, his father for having forsaken him, herself for having failed to stop him, and reporter Peter Parker for having written the story that ruined Eddie's career and drove him to suicide. Distraught and alone, Anne had gone to Our Lady of Saints Church consumed by anger, and her world's Venom symbiote had sensed her rage and bonded to her, turning her into Venom.

Still confused, Eddie starts to ask why her symbiote looks like that of his world's Flash Thompson. Interrupting him, Anne states that her symbiote - like Eddie's own - began spawning offspring to prepare for a monumental threat - at least, that's their chief science officer's theory. Anne explains that she was eventually recruited by President Thompson into a taskforce led by Rex Strickland - the first human to bond to a symbiote. President Thompson and Rex were killed by Codex during his takeover, and now she and her squad are all that's left of the resistance, using the old S.H.I.E.L.D. tunnels to navigate the city. Asking if he wants to meet the team, Anne steps aside as the other Sym-Soldiers unmask. A moustached brown-haired man in a red-and-blue symbiote awkwardly introduces himself as Peter Parker, guessing that Eddie already knows him. A dour red-haired man in a red-and-black symbiote taciturnly introduces himself as Cletus Kasady, offering no further elaboration. A badly-scarred man in another red-and-black symbiote cheerfully introduces himself as Wade Wilson, but as he starts to introduce himself as Deadpool he's brusquely interrupted by a young woman in a black-and-purple symbiote, who introduces herself as Andi Benton and welcomes Venom to the team. Enraged at the sight of Cletus Kasady, Eddie furiously demands to know why Anne is in league with the nihilistic sociopath. Telling Eddie to back off, Anne states that Cletus used to have issues but overcame them with training from Rex and a lot of help from their science officer, and was the first recruit to join the Sym-Soldiers. Peter's Spider-Sense goes off, and he warns the team that something bad is coming just before Juggernaut smashes through the wall of the tunnel, followed by Wolverine, the Thing Omega Red, and Sabretooth.

As the Thing tells them to surrender or it's clobbering time, Anne grouses that Codex's soldiers must have been tracking Eddie and Dylan before telling Eddie to get his game face on. Transforming into Venom, Eddie tells Dylan to get to safety and hide, and that he doesn't want his son to see what he and the Sym-Soldiers are going to do to Codex's minions. As Agent Venom tells him not to pull any punches, Venom squares off against Juggernaut and recalls the time he fought the Juggernaut of his own world; sneering that the symbiote Juggernaut is an inferior copy and doesn't even have the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak. The symbiote Juggernaut snaps that he has no clue what Venom is talking about but is still unstoppable, decking Venom hard enough to send him flying. Trading blows with the Thing, Agent Venom tells her team to end the fight quickly as Reed's dampeners will only conceal them for a limited time. As she tells Venompool to implement Plan X, she's snared by Omega Red's tentacles and slammed into a wall. Omega Red sneers that she talks too much but is right that it's time to end the fight, but Agent Venompool opens fire with arm-mounted firearms and gleefully states that Agent Venom is silent compared to him. As Wolverine impales Agent Venompool from behind, Agent Mania - brawling with Sabretooth - snaps at Wade to stop goofing around. Venom and Agent Carnage lunge at Juggernaut, Dylan peering around the corner and wondering how Carnage is still alive. Implementing Plan X, Agent Venompool rips his symbiote open to reveal he's rigged himself with explosives; Venom cursing and fleeing with the rest of the Sym-Soldiers. Turning back to Codex's minions, Agent Venompool suggests they end this with a joke. As the Thing asks who Agent Venompool thinks he is, Wade gleefully responds that he's the only one who's going to survive before pressing the detonator.

In the Hive's laboratory, Doctor Octopus declares they have successfully achieved full symbiosis. Codex tells Doctor Octopus to release Virus, approaching him and saying that he is grateful for his cooperation and the information he's provided. As Codex notes they'll need to give him a new codename, Virus disagrees reveals himself as Mac Gargan, snapping that Eddie Brock may have left him paralyzed but won't be taking his name. Transforming his new symbiote into a monstrous version of his old armor, Gargan snarls that he's called the Scorpion. Agreeing to this, Virus tells the Scorpion to kneel, swear allegiance to the Hive, and bring him Eddie Brock.

At the Resistance's base, Anne introduces Eddie to an elderly Reed Richards, their chief science officer. Shaking hands with Eddie and his son, Reed asks who Dylan is; everyone except Cletus reacting with shock and horror upon hearing his name. In response to Eddie's confusion, Anne demands to know if Dylan is from Eddie's world before telling him that in this world Dylan Brock is Codex.

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As if ONE new threat to Eddie Brock and his son, Dylan, wasn’t bad enough, an entirely different foe rears its monstrous head as Eddie and Dylan try to find their way! But in this dangerous new world, Eddie’s also enlisted the help of some new allies, some of whom have familiar faces — and who Eddie may never want to leave!

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