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Quote1.png You're right... I can't fight you. I won't... You remind me too much of my boy. Of how I've failed him. You... this world... it's everything I've tried to protect him from. You're every nightmare I've ever had about my son... So no, Dylan. I won't fight you... Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Venom Beyond (Finale)"

At the Earth-1051 Symbiote Hive's headquarters, Codex uses his powers to see through the eyes of Mac Gargan's Scorpion Symbiote as he attacks the Resistance. To Codex's shock, the symbiote is killed with a thought by a silhouette with glowing red eyes. Falling to the floor, Codex incredulously notes that whoever severed his connection has powers just like himself. His musings interrupted by Doctor Octopus, Codex irritably picks himself up and demands to know what's so important that Octavius had to barge into his sanctum. Doctor Octopus hesitantly informs Codex that Gargan's Virus Armor is equipped with environmental scanning technology, and that it scanned the schematics for the Chronal Gateway. Codex asks if Doctor Octopus can reverse-engineer the schematics and build one of his own, Octavius replying that he can have it built within a few weeks.

In the Resistance's base, Reed Richards fixes mechanized braces to Mac Gargan's hips and legs in order to let him walk, remarking that Gargan's Virus Armor was built using a Mark III War Machine Armor as its primary component, and that Tony Stark's armor comes standard with environmental scanning technology. Remarking that the Virus Armor likely scanned the schematics of the Chronal Gateway, Reed states that he could reverse-engineer them to build a portal to return Eddie Brock and Dylan Brock to Earth-616. When Eddie asks how long it would take, Reed remarks it would take him roughly five years. When Anne Weying incredulously asks if that means Eddie and Dylan will have to stay with them for five years, Eddie remarks that they can find somewhere else. Dejected, Dylan asks why they can't stay with the Resistance, Anne sympathetically glancing at him before adjourning the meeting and telling everyone to get some sleep.

Later that evening, Anne cleans her guns when Dylan approaches her. Anne irritably tells him to go back to bed, but is shocked when he lays a hand on her shoulder without burning her symbiote. As she incredulously asks how that's possible, Dylan hugs her and says that he's not Codex. Dylan remarks that he and his father aren't part of Codex's hive, and that his touch doesn't hurt Eddie's symbiote, so he figured it would be the same for Anne's. Dylan remarks that he knows it's painful for her to be around him after she lost her son, but that he lost his mother when he was just a baby and doesn't have any memories of her. Shedding tears, Anne embraces Dylan, who remarks that he doesn't want to go back to his home dimension. Later, Anne wakes Eddie Brock up and tells him to suit up. As Eddie asks if she has a plan to defeat Codex, Anne says their plan is to win.

At the Hive's headquarters, Codex examines screens showing the Symbiote Hive of Earth-616, Octavius remarking that Gargan was obsessed with Venom - the other world's version of Eddie Brock. Examining an image of Eddie hugging Dylan, Codex calls Eddie his father and remarks that although he's on their world he isn't connected to the Hive, lamenting that he can't sense him. Examining the other images, Codex remarks that the other world seems to have a closer connection to the dark god that commands him to free it. As Codex muses that the other world's version of the dark god may already be free, an alarm goes off. As Doctor Octopus remarks that an unmanned craft is inbound, Codex retorts that it's not unmanned and that his father is coming.

The Fantasti-Car crashes through the wall of the Hive's headquarters with Venom perched on top. Disembarking, Agent Venom issues orders to the Resistance members - ordering Agent Spider-Man, Agent Carnage, and Agent Deadpool to accompany her; Agent Mania to guard Reed, and Gargan to find the Virus Armor. As Venom lunges at Codex, the evil Dylan Brock extends his hand and commands Eddie to bow before him before incredulously exclaiming that he can't control Eddie's symbiote. Codex attacks Venom, accusing his "father" of pulling his punches and sneering that Eddie sees his son when he's facing a god. As Codex summons the Avengers to fight the Resistance, Gargan takes advantage of the distraction to sneak off. As Codex demands Venom stop holding back and fight him, Anne shoots her son in the back with an energy gun, distracting him long enough for Venom to grab him from behind. Retracting the Venom symbiote from his face, Eddie tells Codex that he's not going to fight him: he sees too much of his own version of Dylan in Codex, who represents what Dylan could become if he goes down the wrong path. The Venom symbiote partially bonds to Dylan and speaks to his mind, attempting to persuade him to stand down, but Eddie is blasted from behind by Gargan - who had retrieved the repaired Virus Armor. Furious at Gargan's betrayal, Venom demands to know what he's doing. Citing the parable of the Scorpion and the Frog, Virus retorts that Venom should have seen this coming and that he has no intention of going back to prison when they return to Earth-616. As Virus rockets towards Venom and Codex, a beam of energy strikes him, Reed Richards raising a smoking energy cannon and remarking that no matter the universe, the way to shut down a Mark III War Machine suit is with an EMP.

With Gargan unconscious, Anne calls Dylan forward and has him clasp hands with Codex. Their minds connected, both Dylans share a vision of what their lives could have been like had their family remained whole. As Codex collapses, his white hair turns blond and his pale grey skin turns pink. Across the Earth, the symbiotes Codex had used to conquer the world slough off their hosts and die. Opening his eyes - restored to their original color - the Dylan of Earth-1051 weakly tells his mother she was supposed to bring home dinner before falling into a coma.

One year later, Anne, Eddie, and the Dylan of Earth-616 walk through Central Park; Eddie asking if Dylan of Earth-1051's condition has improved. Anne dejectedly says it hasn't, and that being enslaved by Knull's will could take years for him to recover from, but that at least her son is still alive. Watching a group of children play, Eddie remarks that Gargan was correct in assuming they were going to throw him in prison, but wrong about what universe he was going to be locked up in; Anne remarking that she'll keep an eye on Gargan and try to persuade him to see the error of his ways. Glancing down at his restored left hand, Eddie remarks he's still getting used to it and is going to miss the power-ups his symbiote got from connecting to Codex's hive. In response to Anne's dismay, Eddie tells her that it was nice to have some peace for once, reminding himself to live in the moment.

A few months later, Reed - with the begrudging assistance of Doctor Octopus - succeeds in building a Chronal Gateway. Telling Eddie and Dylan to step forward, Reed assures them that it's perfectly safe - then adds that he's legally insane so they can't take his word for it. Eddie asks Anne to come to Earth-616 with him and Dylan, but she says that she has to stay and look after her son, reminding him that he has his own messes to clean up. Anne asks Eddie if he remembers shouting "Get away from my wife!" at Scorpion when saving her, and as he starts to apologize she kisses him and whispers that she liked it. Turning to Dylan, Anne tells him that if he ever hears Knull's voice in his head, to remember hers. Saying their goodbyes, Eddie and Dylan step through the portal and arrive on Earth-616. Looking around, Dylan asks if they're really home, and Eddie says that they are, before looking up at the pitch-black sky and wondering where all the stars have gone.

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The face-melting finale to VENOM BEYOND, by Donny Cates and special guest illustrator LUKE ROSS! Trapped at the mercy of the dangerous new foe called CODEX, Eddie Brock will have to make an impossible choice!

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