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Quote1.png Listen, I know we haven't talked in a while... and I'm not asking you for help... I know I don't deserve. Especially not from you. But please... I am begging you... make sure my son is okay. You and me... we've always had our differences... but Dylan... He doesen't deserve to inherit my... my... darkness. Quote2.png
Eddie Brock

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  • Rex (Only in recap)

Synopsis for "Thirty-Two Seconds"

One year prior, "Rex Strickland" activates a recording program on his laptop, noting that if anyone hears this then it means he's dead - wryly remarking that likely means nobody will hear it. "Rex" muses over his alliance with Eddie Brock - host of the Venom symbiote - who he had sent to rescue the Sym-Soldiers a few hours prior, and laments that he'd wanted Agent Venom due to his military training. Expressing doubt in Eddie's capabilities, "Rex" grouses that he'd better be a fast learner since he currently doesn't even know his symbiote's real name. Noting that as much as he wants to have hope in Eddie, Rex notes that hope is dying by the hour and that if Eddie can't handle the current mission there's no way he'll be able to handle the war that's coming next - depositing a dossier on the Cult of Knull onto his desk. Going over what background information he's obtained on Eddie, Rex wonders what he was thinking entrusting him with this mission and laments that - while Eddie may have had more second chances than anyone deserves - sooner or later his luck will run out and he'll just be another dead man wearing his own coffin.

In the present, the dark god Knull contemptuously drops Eddie off the roof of the Empire State Building, then focuses his attention on the Venom symbiote. As the symbiote begs for Knull to let it save Eddie, Knull remarks that they've Venom (Vol. 4) #4 and that its mortal host has only been holding it back. The Venom symbiote's eyespots are replaced by a red spiral, and Knull absorbs it into his symbiote-armor - manifesting a serrated blade on his right arm as he declares that the Earth belongs to the Symbiote Hive.

As he falls, Eddie reaches desperately out to his symbiote and calls out for help. Out of desperation, he prays to God to keep his son Dylan safe. Across the city, heroes and civilians alike are overtaken by symbiotes, as symbiote dragons snatch fighter jets and helicopters out of the sky and devour any civilians they come across.

In Ezekiel Sims' bunker in Sims Tower, Dylan Brock calls Iron Man to check on his father. Iron Man angrily snaps that he's going to kill Spider-Man for compromising a secure line before lying to Dylan that everything is under control. Cutting off Dylan's protests, Iron Man suggests he watch some TV to entertain himself, but Dylan angrily hangs up on him and tosses the communicator aside. Connecting to the Symbiote Hive-Mind, he reaches out to the Venom symbiote, but it frantically tells him to sever his link before Knull finds him and forcibly severs Dylan's connection. Confused and frightened, Dylan looks up at the TV just in time to see a live broadcast showing Knull ripping the Venom symbiote off Eddie and throwing him off the Empire State Building.

As he falls, Eddie sees a military helicopter being chased by a symbiote dragon and kicks off the wall of the Empire State Building, angling himself towards it. As the pilot expresses incredulity at this, Eddie shouts at him to land only for the symbiote dragon to snatch the helicopter out of the sky and destroy it. Thrown by the explosion, Eddie pinballs off symbiote-encrusted fire escapes and hits the ground.

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• What happens to Eddie Brock when he finally comes face to face with the lord of the abyss, the KING IN BLACK: KNULL?

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