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Quote1.png Agent Flash "Venom" Thompson reporting for duty, Sir. Good to see you again, Brock. Quote2.png
Agent Anti-Venom (Flash Thompson)

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Synopsis for "The Other Side"

Slamming into the hood of the car, Eddie Brock's consciousness is ejected from his body. Noting that he's fallen many times in his life but always found a way to claw himself back into the light, Eddie finds himself in an endless void looking up at the fading image of his broken and mangled physical body. Eddie screams, desperately trying to rouse himself, but his dying body fails to respond.

As he descends deeper into the abyss, he recognizes it as a place he's been many times before: the dark ocean of the symbiote hive-mind. However, he notes that this time feels different from when Knull seized control of the Venom symbiote and the Dark Carnage symbiote bonded to him, as while he previously had his symbiote and Dylan there to pull him out of the void, this time he has nothing. Closing his eyes, Eddie gives in to despair as tendrils of living abyss touch his face... only for a familiar voice to order him to wake up - telling him Knull's minions are trying to claim him. The voice tells Eddie that he can repel them but that it will hurt, Eddie screaming as the tendrils are blasted away. As Eddie continues to fall, the voice coaches him to concentrate; informing him that he's part of the Symbiote Hive and that he has to avoid being subsumed, and that in order to stop falling he has to brace for impact. Seeing a burning cityscape approaching, Eddie braces himself and suddenly finds himself back in Manhattan.

Standing, Eddie wonders what just happened, the voice tells him the worst is yet to come. Turning, Eddie finds himself looking at Rex Strickland and the Tyrannosaurus symbiote - decked out in their Vietnam War uniform and weaponry. Retracting the Tyrannosaurus symbiote from his face, Rex tells Eddie to come with him, leading him through the streets and saying he has a lot to learn. Spotting a mother and her daughter running from a symbiote dragon, Eddie ignores Rex telling him to stop and tries to tackle them out of the way, only to phase right through them. Confused but determined, Eddie charges at the symbiote dragon - Rex shouting at him to stop - and lunges into its gaping maw.

Shattered into motes of light, Eddie reconstitutes himself wondering what just happened. Appearing before him, Rex sternly states that was a warning. Looking around to find himself in a void where countless people are arranged hanging from tendrils of living abyss, Eddie asks where they are before realizing they are the people Knull's horde has claimed as hosts. Eddie is horrified to see Captain America, the Thing, and many of the other superheroes he'd rallied among the hosts, blaming himself for what happened to them. As Rex tells him there's nothing he or anyone could have done, Eddie angrily refuses to accept this - snapping that he's been trapped in the Hive Mind before and always broke free. As Eddie formulates a plan to get Dylan to help him, Rex states that this time is different - Eddie's consciousness has been trapped in the Hive as a codex, effectively making him a ghost. Rex notes that people like himself and Eddie can influence things a little bit, but can't directly affect the real world. Eddie states he doesn't understand how he and Rex are free to move around, but the other hosts are trapped; Rex stating it's because they've been bonded to symbiotes much longer than the people Knull recently ensnared - but even then they're just bits of data for the symbiotes to tap into. Eddie suddenly recalls the time he absorbed Flash Thompson's codex - letting his consciousness take over the Venom symbiote for a short time, and tells Rex to take him back to his body. As they materialize in 4 Yancy Street, Rex gently informs Eddie that his physical body is dead. Staring at Dylan sobbing over his corpse, Eddie reaches out to touch him only for his hand to pass through his son's head.

As Rex places a hand on Eddie's shoulder, attempting to comfort him and get him to move on, Eddie lashes out at him and refuses to accept his death means he's lost. Grabbing Rex by his vest, Eddie snaps that he's sick of being pushed around and swallowed whole and drowned in living darkness, and won't let himself die like this. As Rex reiterates that there's nothing Eddie can do, Eddie recalls that Rex was able to manipulate some of the symbiotes due to having been bonded to one for a long time. As Rex reminds Eddie that he's not able to directly influence the physical world, Eddie states that Rex was only bonded to one for a couple of years but that he's been a host for more than a decade. As Eddie declares his intent to reunite with the Venom symbiote and burn the Hive to the ground from the inside, Rex - impressed by his resolve - smirks and concedes that Eddie might be onto something. Pointing up, Rex states that finding the Venom symbiote won't be hard, but that connecting to it again will be. A portal appears, showing Eddie and Rex the top of the Empire State Building - where Knull is seated on a throne of living abyss and holding the Venom symbiote in his hand, its eyespots a crimson spiral indicating it's under his control. Horrified, Eddie wonders how he's going to pull off rescuing it by himself, Rex reminding him that he's not alone. As they return to the void where the hosts' consciousnesses are stored, Rex tells him that he's been putting together a team of symbiote friendlies who were part of the Hive before Knull was reawakened and don't agree with his agenda. Volunteering himself and the Tyrannosaurus symbiote, Rex gestures to a figure emerging out of the shadows and states he finally found the person he'd been looking for in the first place. Saluting Rex, Agent Anti-Venom reports for duty and then retracts his symbiote from his face, Flash Thompson grinning as he says it's good to see Eddie again.

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EDDIE BROCK is about to face the biggest challenge of his life…but he’s not alone.

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