Quote1.png And there I was thinking I'd gotten my evening nicely planned. A little innocent art theft followed by hot cocoa and steamy chick-lit. Quote2.png
-- Black Cat

Appearing in "A Child is Born Part 2: Cops and Monsters"

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  • Patrol Car

Synopsis for "A Child is Born Part 2: Cops and Monsters"

Black Cat was delivering the painting she stole back to the creator when she noticed Carnage throwing Officer Mulligan off a building. She reluctantly intervened, saving his life.

Carnage caught up to them, and was about to kill them both when Venom found them, and while they fight, Black Cat and Mulligan escape. The two fought it out and Carnage was seemingly killed when he was run over by a subway train.

Mulligan makes it to the hospital to meet his newly born son, Edward. Venom waited outside the hospital in an attempt to protect the newborn symbiote. Carnage had survived and was burrowing his way under the hospital, biding his time until he could strike at his offspring again. Spider-Man also patrolled the area to ensure Pat's safety.

Several days later, Pat was back on the job, noticing his reflexes and strength being better than ever. His partner noticed too, and remarked about it as they made their way to their next call.

There they reviewed security tape of the woman who stole the painting the night before, and Pat recognized her body immediately. He tracked down the artist of the painting and figured out how to get Black Cat to show up there. Just as he was about to read her her rights, she recognized him as the guy she saved a few nights before.

Turned out, all he wanted from her was help figuring out what was happening to him.

In smashed Cletus, ready to kill them all when the Toxin symbiote finally appeared, ready to fight.

Solicit Synopsis

What’s worse than one homicidal symbiote? Two. Worse that that? THREE.

  • That’s’ right. Carnage just had a BABY! Guest-starring Black Cat!

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