Venture is a bounty hunter in the year 2099, employed by Alchemax, of unrevealed origin and previous identity. He is a cyborg, with a range of technologically-enhanced capabilities, including flight, accelerated strength and reflexes, infrared vision, and various technological weapons.[1] He was contracted by Tyler Stone to investigate the explosion in Alchemax's genetic laboratory, and tracks residual heat signatures toward the apartment of Miguel O'Hara, who was just discovering his new arachnid powers. Miguel dons his old Day of the Dead costume to fight Venture while concealing his identity, and after a hard-fought battle, Spider-Man uses Venture's own weapon against him, destroying his central circuits and putting him out of commission.[citation needed]

He was later restored and was hired by Alchemax to prevent the Superior Spider-Man from continuing his raids on Alchemax facilities, but Venture failed.[2]

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