The Venusian leader was the ruler of a race of sentient robots that claimed to be from the planet Venus. Initially considering the human race an inferior species, he and his followers sought to conquer the planet Earth. They arrived in late 1953, creating a hideout in the waters of the South Pacific. They used a magnetic beam to sink supply ships and use them for salvage as part of their invasion plot. Their activities prompted the Sub-Mariner to come out of retirement to investigate. He easily trounced these Venusians as they did not anticipate encountering a human being with his strength and ability to breathe under water.[1]

The Venusian leader then surrendered and ordered his minions to return to their home world never to endanger the Earth again. However, the Sub-Mariner kept the Venusian leader captive to prove to the authorities his existence. However after the invasion force fled Earth in a rocket, their captured leader instantly went inert. His body was turned over to the United States government for examination.[1]


Presumably strength and durability far greater than a human's




A magnetic beam powerful enough to sink ships

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