Veritina was the Princess of the alien race known as the Voldi. During Iron Man's interstellar journey, he found himself against pirates near the Voldi Tear, who he defeated single-handedly.

When he went to celebrate the victory in the Voldi Citadel of Rapture, similar to a terrestial night club, he met Veritina.

After flirting, Veritina offered the "Space-Knight" to spend the night with her, on the way to her room, she revealed him she was the princess of the monarchy which ruled her race, and a little of history of it. When, in the room, Iron Man took off his mask, Veritina noticed his beard, which was seen as offensive and repulsive in her culture and kicked him out of her place.

When walking away, Iron Man was approached by the police of the Voldi, because he was also noticed to be Tony Stark, a wanted man for the crime of deicide, that of the Phoenix during the conflict between the Avengers and the X-Men. He decided the best thing to do was to surrender peacefully instead of fighting them.[1]

Veritian watched Stark's trial and witnessed the arrival of the Celestials, who proceeded to annihilate the Voldi for using their energy to empower their planet. She perished during the assault.[2]

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