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The Vermin was a group of clones of the original Vermin created during Kraven the Hunter's Great Hunt in Central Park, when Arcade injected him with a special drug that made him grow clones out of his body, giving him the company he always longed for.[1]

Once Spider-Man attempted to confront Kraven at the Central Park Zoo, Arcade set the Vermin loose on him.[2] They almost killed Spider-Man until Kraven used a sonic weapon to scatter them.[3] Following the end of Kraven's Great Hunt, the Vermin retreated to the subway.[4]

During Spider-Man and Boomerang's quest in the search for the scattered pieces of the Lifeline Tablet, they ventured underground and stumbled into the Vermin. They were quickly swarmed and almost subdued by the creatures until Gog, the guardian of the final piece of the Tablet, resurfaced, driving the Vermin away.[5]

When a group of Vermin resurfaced to terrorize a building in search for people to eat, one of the neighbors sought the help of Moon Knight. While fighting the creatures, Moon Knight hurled one of the Vermin off the building, killing it, as a warning. Threatening to kill all of the Vermin, Moon Knight prompted the creatures to flee.[6]

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