Veronica was Betty Ross' co-worker and next-booth neighbor at 1-800-Hotline Office.[2]
During Betty's absence to the Hotline, Veronica, who introduced herself as Ronni, received a phone call addressed to Betty telling her that she was Rick Jones's mother, and she made a note of it to report to Betty.[1]
Later, when it was thought that Betty had died due to Abomination, Bruce Banner called the Hotline specifically asking for Veronica and telling him that Betty had died and he wanted to commit suicide and Veronica had him talk to dissuade him. While Bruce told the story between him and Betty, Veronica was attacked by Mr. Hyde who, unbeknownst to her, was the man she had met the day before in a pub, but Bruce heard the aggression on the phone and recognized Mr. Hyde's voice. He intervened by transforming into the Hulk and beating Mr. Hyde soundly thus saving Veronica, who in a few words convinced him to give up his suicidal intentions.[3]

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