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Veronic Eden grew up to believe that super heroes were a blight to mankind, causing chaos and countless deaths due to the collateral damage from fighting threats brought about by their own actions.[4] While operating as a project manager, she worked for the creators of the Overseer, a super-computer designed to subjugate the population of a Caribbean island. While working to fix a flaw in the A.I.'s system,[5] Eden encountered and had a one-night stand with Tony Stark. After he shot down any hope for her project, Stark offered to introduce Veronica to S.H.I.E.L.D. as consolation.[1]

At some point in time, Eden had also become an agent of Hydra. She set her sights on the title of Hydra Supreme to enact a plan to wipe out all super-powered beings and anybody who posed a threat to the world, so humankind could be once again master of its own fate.[4] Since the time she had worked on it, the Overseer had been destroyed and its remains were stored by S.H.I.E.L.D. aboard the Helicarrier Adjunct. During Hydra's take over of the United States, Eden brought the Overseer back online and integrated it into the Adjunct's systems, with the intention to have it assimilate other Helicarriers once she became Hydra Supreme. Following the fall of Hydra and the dissolution of S.H.I.E.L.D., Eden struck an alliance with Senator Todd Baker. He would try to reinstate S.H.I.E.L.D. and, with Eden in control of Hydra, both would steer the conflict of both organizations to dismantle foreign powers and neutralize hostile powers. A rookie super hero team desperate for public attention called the Paladins were also involved in the conspiracy, and were set to participate in staged fights with Hydra.[5]

While working for the Office of Federal Utilities, a governmental agency secretly tracking terrorist recruitment centers,[2] Eden secretly passed the names of terrorists' potential recruits to Baron Zemo to climb in the ranks of Hydra. At the same time, Veronica was creating her own squad out of the most promising recruits, in a bid to take over the organization and become Hydra Supreme.[6] Eden's plans were derailed when one of her agents, the insane teenage Captain America fan named Natural, massacred the office she worked in. To curtail the damage, she sent a hit squad after the Winter Soldier, who worked as a field agent for O.F.U.[6] Then pretending to be a target herself, she manipulated Barnes and the Falcon, pitting them against Zemo's resurging faction. After a brief confrontation, Zemo revealed Veronica's plans to bomb multiple locations and convinced Bucky and Sam to support him temporarily, giving them Natural's address.[7] Confronted, Natural betrayed her identity and promised to take Sam and Bucky to Veronica's base.[3]

Veronica sent a group to intercept the Falcon, the Winter Soldier and Natural and organized negotiations in a diner nearby, where she revealed the truth about Natural carrying out the massacre out of his own will, turning him again against Bucky and Sam.[6] Zemo and his forces accosted Veronica as she was escaping, but she turned tables on him by activating the sleeper agents in Zemo's faction. Zemo gained the upper hand when Veronica tried to beat him to death personally. With the intervention of Sam, Bucky and Natural, the situation spiralled into further chaos, ultimately leading to the arrest of Veronica and Natural, and Zemo's escape.[8]

With Veronica's plan to become Hydra Supreme postponed, the Paladins feared for their prominence. They broke into the Adjunct and reactivated one of the Overseer's robot guardians, the Myrmidon, in order to manufacture a threat to defeat. The Myrmidon chased them off and reactivated the Overseer. While the rest of the Paladins wanted to sweep this mistake under the rug, the alien team member Fifty-One set out on his own and broke Eden out of custody.[5] Although unaware of Fifty-One's intentions due to a language barrier, Eden agreed to facilitate him the Hydra Supreme Armor, which he wanted use against the Myrmidon. While evading the Paladins, Iron Man and Captain America, Eden took Fifty-One to The Annex. Fifty-One left her behind as soon as he acquired the armor, and Eden was defeated by the heroes.[9] Eden agreed to take Iron Man and Captain America to the Adjunct to follow Fifty-One, but she surprised them with the revelation of the rebuilt Overseer. In turn, the Overseer unveiled its own plans to subjugate all of humanity. It unleashed the army of Myrmidons on the heroes and captured Veronica.[4]

Iron Man and Fifty-One left the Adjunct to tend to the latter's injuries, while Captain America stayed behind, using the Hydra Supreme Armor to cloak himself from the Overseer's sensors. He rescued Veronica, and she joined his fight against the Myrmidons using super villain gear retrofitted into a battle armor she intended to use as Hydra Supreme. Veronica also disclosed the extent of her plan and the Paladins' involvement in it.[5] After Iron Man returned with Fifty-One, the alien used his technopathy to assimilate himself into the Overseer, and he overrode the super-computer's consciousness with his own. The Paladins arrived and Veronica watched as Iron Man and Captain America defeated them. Fifty-One ejected everybody off the Adjunct, and Veronica helped save the non-fliers from falling to their deaths. Afterward, Veronica was imprisoned, but escaped her new jailers shortly afterward. While on the run, she was intercepted by Baron Zemo.[10]



Hydra Supreme Uniform: With the intention to use it when she became Hydra Supreme, Veronica had a battlesuit built for herself that was retrofitted with super villain gear. It was a combination of Doctor Octopus' tentacles with the Scorpion's tail. This armor was all-red and it was complemented by a red Goblin Glider.[10]

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